Friday, July 18, 2008

It Is Nice To Have Friends...

...with an in ground pool. We ran into a family around the corner from us tonight and they invited us (well we invited us) over to swim. The women in this family are all K so I will name the matriarch K1, the twins Ks 2&3 and K2's daughter K4. K3 is in college away. K2 was working. K1 &4 (who is 2 years old) were riding a bike when we came home.

K1 had told my mom that G and I are never home for them to see anymore. Last year when I worked closer to home we would meet up after school/work and walk. K4 loves G and wants to be as big. So K1 told my mom to tell us to go over there and not to wait to be invited. Well I can't do that so I did nothing.  That is until we met them coming home tonight, then I invited myself all up in their pool.

K1 was cool with it and K4 asked "Gwenis do you wanna whim?" So we donned our bathing suits (K4 calls them babysupes) and swam this afternoon. I really got to see G in action too. The shallow end of the pool is 36" which is as tall as G so she can't stand up. But she jumped off the side holding my hands and stayed under on her own. She swam kicking her legs holding my hands. She swam to me without holding hands and totally underwater (we will have to work on this one because she doesn't really propel herself).

She taught K4 how to kick big and do the bunny hop (K4 calls it the babyhop). She even taught her to float on her back. Well sort of, K4 can't put her head in and her grandmother K1 held her the whole time. Plus K4 is on her 4th pair of tubes in the ear so no underwater for her.

K4 refused to get into her boat, because G wasn't in one since I won't let her use floaties until she can swim. So she thought she needed to be out of the boat like G. We were over there about an hour and half. We have an open invitation whether they are there or not. That is very nice and I will take them up on it.  But that does freak me out a bit too. I wasn't brought up to truly believe that I can literally go to some one's house on my own free will just from an open invitation. Maybe I am afraid of being a nuisance. Maybe we will plan to do it once a week only.

All of the fun but none of the responsibility-having friends with an in ground pool!!!

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