Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It Is Official!

I have a swimmer. Out of G's class she is the only one coordinated enough to get the hands and feet moving at the same time. She can do the backstroke, otherwise known as the "shoo fly" even.

This is all just in time as she is getting to go to Grammie's for the afternoon and swim in her new pool. KBtoys had a sale and the total cost of the pool with ladder, pump and cover was reasonable and I got free shipping. This pool is the 36" above ground but is also 12' wide to give enough water to actually swim in. I bit the bullet yesterday and picked up a decent swimsuit that I won't look like such a fat cow in, maybe just a fat calf, heh.

Anyway, I gave her a kick board and my mom gave her a noodle as a prize. Tomorrow is graduation with a small party!! What fun!! Now if I can get her passionate about it, I may have a real competitive swimmer on my hands.

One irksome thing though: when mom picked her up at school her best friend, Meghan, said "oh G, you don't have to go to swim lessons, just stay here with me." And of course G wanted to stay with Meghan. Meghan can't put her face underwater nor can she jump off the side or the diving board. G can do all that. Mom got G away and said that Meghan just wanted G to stay a baby like her because she can't do all the things G can do. I want to ring Meghan's and her mom's neck.

For some strange reason, Meghan holds sway over G and I have got to figure out how to put a stop to it. They will be in the same grade unless one fails or is held back from now on. I can't hold G back just to prevent her being in class with Meghan though I am tempted. But I want G to excel and not do what Meghan does.

How do you get a 4 year old to stop listening to another 4 year old? Anyone know? This isn't the only deal with Meghan though. She also lords it over G that she is 2 months older and that she goes to the beach almost every weekend in the summer. It is frustrating attempting to parent around Meghan!!


Briana's Mom said...

Sounds like you may have an Olympian on your hands!

Sorry her friend has such influence on her. As a child, I was influenced by a girl that was a year older than me and lived down the street. I thought she was so cool because she was older. She had a mean streak and I was starting to pick it up until my mom had a long talk with me. As I got a little older, I realized she was kind of mean and wasn't so great. I think Glenys will realize it too in time.

Ellie Monster said...

That is fantastic news!!! Congrats on your little fish.
It is sad to hear that your little fish has a toxic friend at four. I didn't know they knew those "bring you down" skills at four. I have lots to say about that, but I'll do it in an e-mail. ;)


i am laughing at your age problem ... we have that here ... Emily tries to remind Maggie that she is a year older, but Maggie doesn't care ...She wants to run the show, so if you get it figured out then let me know

Chinazhoumom said...

Just tell this special little child and mommy - that my daughter "G" is more of a world traveler than she is...
Congrats on the great swimming !!!!

Donna said...

Congrats on the swimming success! When something else happens with the friend, take the opportunity to talk to Glenys about how it makes her feel and how out of line the "friend's" behavior is. Glenys will eventually realize that there are nicer kids around and she'll drop the friend.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Way to go, Glenys!! Whoo-Hoo!!

Vivian M said...

I think the best you can do is talk to Glenys and make sure she does not feel like she has to be like or do what everyone else does. Peer pressure will always be around, but you won't be there to see it. So the best we can do to protect our kids is to educate, talk to them, and give them the tools to make their own choices (hopefully the right ones)!
Congratulations Glenys on learning how to swim, your new pool and getting Mom in a bathing suit!

AZMom said...

My daughter has a friend who is a bad influence on her too. It's HARD to convince them not to listen to them. Eventually they will have to figure it out on their own but in the meantime keep telling her that she is a big girl and she does not need to act or listen to Meghan.