Friday, July 25, 2008

More Gotcha Celebration

Getting the tissue paper out of the way first.

Grammie sitting beside her helping her open her gift.

Out comes the first thing and she realizes it is craft stuffs.

I found this make your own book thing so she did get a book anyway.

Getting her lipstick full of toe polish junk. That went with Grammie for the night so they can do toes and fingers, heh.

Love the big smile on her here. She was so excited that I actually got her some tattoos. We love the temp tattoos. My mom doesn't like tattoos and was trying hard to understand what G was saying. Some times it is hard to keep a straight face.

We headed to Ameca's Mexican restaurant where they shove the celebratory dessert in your nose for your birthday. We chowed down on the white cheese dip and I am still burping up the very greasy flautas as I type.

G couldn't finish her nutritious dinner of rice and french fries so she will have a snack at her grammie's house later. She has already declared tomorrow to be an early day for them because she is "gonna wake up when the dahk is still on."

I have been gathering little bits of stuff to give her and then hit the WalMart craft isle for some fun mother/daughter projects. I let her open her bag while waiting on our food. There was so much she didn't even get through it all.

I asked her yesterday what she wanted and I suggested a book to which she replied, "Oh Mama, dat is nuffin' but a read." (translation: that is nothing but reading). So I guess she didn't want a book.

She didn't want a baby doll because she just really isn't into baby dolls sadly. We have a bunch and I like buying them for her but she doesn't really play with them. She really just likes the crafty stuff now!


Don & Denise Sullivan said...

Happy Gotcha Day!!

Vivian M said...

I love her expression in the last photo! Happy Gotcha Day Glenys!

Lauri said...

crafts are fun... cool gifts

Dawn said...

Congratulations on a fabulous Gotcha Day Celebration!