Saturday, July 19, 2008

No Dan Zanes Tonight

We headed to the birthday party and sat on the benches until the final call. G didn't want to put her socks on at all. So when last call was given a friend loaned me the socks from her feet and I took G on the big slide. This friend also took a pic of it but I don't have it yet. Then we had "pupcakes" and scream.

G and I went to Hobby Lobby which was having a sale on some canvas type bags so we got those and some fabric paint to decorate totes. We met my friend at Pei Wei or a hot lunch literally since the air was out, ugh! Then to the coffee shop where my friend read G a book of Aesop's fables while I read the paper.

On the way home G fell asleep and as I got her out of the car she said, "But we didn't go to the coffee shop." She was so tired. But that 20 minute nap from 2:15 to 2:35 woke her up. I put on a movie and took a little nap myself. When I woke up the plan was to paint but G wanted to go swimming.

We took the K family up on their open invitation and went swimming at 4. They weren't home but came home shortly. We left 2 hours later then headed to MickeyDs for supper. I hope she will go to sleep for me tonight.

We totally wouldn't have made the concert anyway so I had to let the tickets go. I just couldn't kill two hours. Now she is about to get in trouble for not letting me type this. I really have no patience right now. So we are headed to bed.

I need to tell you about her talking in her sleep last because it was just really weird and she of course didn't remember what she dreamed!!

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Vivian M said...

It sounds like you had a very busy and tiring day! Hope the rest of your weekend is restful!