Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pictures from the Zoo

A couple of weekends ago we met another FCC family at the zoo. This family and I had talked through e-mail and I followed their journey via e-mail.

They came home almost 2 years ago maybe this fall. Their little girl is 2 1/2 or almost 2 1/2. Spending this day with them really showed me that G is no where ready to be the big sis. I finally asked and received permission to post the pics but without names. So here are the girls and that family's pics with G.

Aren't they a sweet family? No this is not a double stroller and the dad agreed to push cause darn it those girls were heavy, heh!


Donna said...

Cute pics. So what did Glenys do: bop the little one over the head or pitch a fit when you paid attention to the other girl or something else entirely?

marilyn said...

Love the converted stroller!

Vivian M said...

Great pics, and love the double stroller!