Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Six Words

Tagged by Susan for a Six Words to Describe Me meme. She warned me to be nice. So does this mean you guys can see my depression or moods through the blog?!?!?!

Okay, here they are in no particular order:

Exhausted: My eyes are so heavy that if given half a chance I would most certainly fall asleep except between the hours of 9pm and midnight, when I am fully alert.

Proud: I am so proud of my G and all she is accomplishing. She told me last night that her cousin Ally showed her how to open her eyes in the swimming pool. I can't even do that, it actually makes me tear up when I think of it and not from sadness but from irritation.

Forgetful: As G says, "Mama, you mememry is wunned out of batter-wies."

Optimistic: That I will get out of debt soon and that my company really does feel the way they claim too.

Burdened: By past failures that I can't seem to let go of especially when it comes to finances.

Hormonal/emotional: Cycle time

There you have it. 6 word description of me at this moment in time.

Now as Susan also said, everyone has been tagged and if you would like to do this please join. E-mail me or leave a comment and let me know if you added this meme to your blog.

And to my summer pals (yes I have two) G is working on a project to send to you both. We hope you will like it a lot!

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