Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some Newerish Pics of G

Don't ask me why she decided to stand/sit on that old file cabinet. This was one morning waiting to go to school/work. I am using the camcorder's camera thus the not so good pics. She thought she was really something up there too.

Disregard the very cluttered house. Yes we really do live like that. I am a clutter-bug totally!! It is in the genes, I come by it honestly from my maternal grandmother. She was actually a cleaner clutter bug but that is only because she didn't have a geriatric cat, a dog and another fussy cat.


Vivian M said...

What clutter? You should see how bad our house can get in just a few minutes of Kerri playing! I think we spend an hour every night just picking up toys and putting them away.
I am always scared of kids climbing on things and getting hurt. Kerri learned really quickly how to pile items so she could stand on them to reach something!

Donna said...

It's hard not to have a cluttered house with kids...I fight a losing battle with all the junk every day!

Glenys looks so cute - even climbing on furniture!

laurel said...

Wow ...she is getting big. She sure is a cutie.