Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swimming in the Late Afternoon

G and my dad swimming this afternoon. She showed me how she went under water three different times but the speed of the camera and my arrangement of the pics makes it look like under and up once. She was being a bit silly when I first went out there because, well, I guess I was interrupting private G/Grandad time. So she wouldn't talk to me at first!! Then my dad moved out of camera range, hee hee!


Super Mommy said...

Wow-za - go Glenys go!! Awesome job!

Vivian M said...

Wow, Glenys really has picked up swimming! Kerri tells me she does not want to go under water because she does not want water to go in her nose and ears.

Heather said...

Acer's loving the fact that we just got the pool running. He's been waiting all summer, but with all the storms and knocked down trees around us, this is the first time he's been able to get into a cleaned pool.
Hope third thing steps up and does the right thing. Prayers headed up.
Take care
Heather BT
PS , did you see your special LOL cat dedication picture? You got us started on that. :)