Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Bankruptcy, I am all about avoiding it. I contemplated it at times when I was at my financially lowest point a couple of years ago. I wish this 91 was my score. I actually scored a 75. I never made 75s even in school. I am not used to grades this bad.

I am working really hard on trying to overcome my debt issues. I have gone in and out of serious debt several times in the past, well 3, and have been able to get out of it almost all on my own. This time though I have really leaned on my parents to the point that I will never be out of debt to them. I will try and we won't be doing anything fun until I have them paid off!! (But even this cycle of debt I am not proud of.)

I do a budget every paycheck, so I know where things go and how much I have to spend. I like to call it a "spending plan," but with as much debt as I have/had I discovered you really do need to make enough to pay everything to feel good about any spending plan. I am currently in re-payment status with 3 credit cards, and I don't use a credit cards now. I haven't used one for almost a year now. I can't say I miss it any. There are some things I can't purchase but most of the sites I buy from on the Internet will allow me to send a check (shutter*fly and China sprout are two).

My main goal at this point of my life is to try to live more simply so that I don't teach G bad spending behavior. Well, I am trying to be consistent in that goal at least. For college though, G will have to get a scholarship!!


Michelle said...

Oh, I hear you on this, Beverly! I would just love to be debt free!!!

Vivian M said...

Times are hard, and families nowadays are feeling the pain at the pump. Everything costs more nowadays!
And if you add daycare to your living expenses, there is not much left over (unless you make a huge salary).
We definately have had to change our lifestyles when we went to one paycheck and brought Kerri home.
Good for you, you sound like you are making better choices and are on your way to repaying your debt!