Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Am Beginning to Dislike Teenage Girls and Dog Owners

especially when they are one in the same. Let me set the stage for you. A week or so ago I was getting the mail (we had just gotten home) and a woman, her teenage daughter and their two unleashed dogs (the woman carried the leashes) were walking down the street. Both dogs ran into my yard. The woman did nothing to catch them. I on the other hand started shooing them out of the yard.

The woman looks at me and says, "Um those are my dogs." I said, "Um yeah so get them out of my yard. I don't even let my dog pee or poo in my front yard." Wouldn't that be simple? So ever since then, the teenage girl (who made fun of me as they walked on down the street) continues to bring the dogs down my street.

Not only that she today intentionally let one off the leash and G and I were right in the yard. She watched me as she walked up the street and then waved. Smart ass. So I told her that she needed to quit letting her dogs poo and pee on my yard. She said, "They aren't hurting you." HUH? What the hell do I care if they "aren't hurting me"? First off they could bite G. They could. No one really knows if they would or not. She can hope. Second, they are in my yard!! I said something to the effect that she has no respect and shows no responsibility and she said, "I don't care."

I said, "It is obvious you don't care and that you have no respect for any one's property. You don't pay rent or mortgage." Then I very maturely called her a "little shit." Yes, in front of G and I explained to G that only "little shits" like that girl let their dogs run around off leash. I am ready to set poison out for those dogs in my yard (and don't think I wouldn't do it if I could guarantee only hers would get it). I found a huge pile of dog poo in my yard today. Clean it up please!! It pisses me off!! Responsible pet owners keep dogs in fences or on leashes out of people's yards whom the owners don't know or even do know.

I think there is an ordinance in the city to keep leashes on dogs. I don't have a big front yard so dog poo takes up some space and it is nasty and germ-y. I don't want dog poo in the front yard. That is why Clementine is relegated to the back yard and kept in a fence! Then to have the smart alack teenager, I just want to smack her!!

Friday, August 29, 2008


The first was in Oct '06 and we were practicing for the upcoming school pictures. The next one was in the dentist waiting room but I don't remember why she made this face. Isn't she funny? I love it. She was just barely 2 1/2 in the first pic and not even 4 1/2 in the second one.

Just a Few Videos of G from Last Night

She has been learning and can say the pledge of allegiance. I had no idea she was even learning it. Also we got our Aug. summer pals gift which was the bomb. And you can hear a bit more southern. Did you know "hand" was 3 syllables? It is when G says it. "Friend" is pretty lengthy too.

She loves watching herself in the video as it is being filmed. She sang quite a few songs for me last night but too long to post.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

According to the Site Meter

I am really close to having 30,000 unique visitors to the blog. If you happen to be the lucky 30,000 then take a snapshot of the blog with the 30,000 number, leave a comment with e-mail and I will send you a gift of my choosing. I will need to see the proof in the form of the picture and will need a clear addy to send a small token of my appreciation. I mean it is the least I can do right?

Check This Out Especially If You Fly Often For Long Trips

A Cabin Cuddler is just the thing for travel or overly airconditioned work spaces or long car rides or emergency/evacuation shelters after hurricane Gustave comes roaring through (LISTEN UP YOU FOLKS IN MISSISSIPPI GULF). This versitile travel blanket has its own inflatable pillow even.

The carry/storage case becomes your very own personal hygenic pillow case. The cut of the blanket follows the contours of your body so every bit of you will be covered. It even has a pocket for your feet. Now that one is imporant because the feet usually remain the coldest part of the body especially if you travel in airplanes or in high heeled shoes (at work) that will cut the blood off in your toes, which ever may apply to your specific situation.

This travel blanket would also be a perfect gift for a family traveling to China or Russia soon to adopt a precious child. If you have recently been invited to a baby shower for an adoptive family please think in this direction for a gift for the family. Airlines are no longer supplying free blankets, so we need to think ahead. It is sort of like the gift of toilet paper given to a family who has recently been through a family members death, you know one of the very necessary and apprecitated gifts but not thought of as generally polite or all that cutesy?

Oh and since it is your own Cabin Cuddler you won't have to worry about it not being cleaned between flights or trips. I mean if you can sleep in your own germs that is. And no lice to worry about from other people on the plane or from used/donated blankets at the evacuation/emergency shelters.

Maybe there should be a huge donation made to the salvation army or red cross of Cabin Cuddler blankets for people in emergency situations or homeless people in the coldest cities. Any takers? Any one? Any one?

Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler

China Has Done Something Right

But for the wrong reasons. Russia asked China among other Asian nations to back its action in Georgia regarding the break away states. China said "no". The reason probably is because of China's own issues with Tibet and the Muslims in the west of China.

Russia had no business going into Georgia. That whole 5 day war was solely planned and implemented by Russia. Doing it during the Olympics was intentional because other countries and their people were busy looking at China ignoring the Russian government. It takes a lot to move a military over the rough terrain to get to Georgia so the Russians just being there is not possible without large scale plans. The Russians had been secretly moving their army into Georgian territory for a while.

Russia's declaration of not being afraid of another cold war ought to scare the beejeebus out of us and really keep Obama out of office. He has no clue what to do in foreign politics!! This is a very scary time in our history of a nation. Think think think before you vote.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Isn't She Sweet

Bailey's mom gave me this beautiful award. This award is based on creativity, design, interesting content, and contribution to the blogging community. Well, I will accept it on the interesting content (sometimes more than just G), creativity (occasionally I think I am witty) and contribution to the blogging community (I def have an opinion and cause people to either think or be mad) but design? hmmm well, now I don't know about that.

I have e-mailed for help but am in a waiting pattern with that. I will say though Sharon truly deserves this for she takes beautiful pics of her beautiful children, one of whom is from China and all three are treasures.

And this will inspire me to make my blog design more creative!! So I researched and found the original rules for the award:

1) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award, creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogger community, no matter of language.

2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.

3) Each award-winning, has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the ward itself.

4) Award-winning and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of Artey pico blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5) To show these rules.
So now my 5 bloggers:
1)Skylie Smiles Kelly is a very funny blogging Mom-Guat adoption
2)Kris one of the last waiting single moms for China
3)Amy waiting mom for China, she writes thoughtful posts
4)Amy mother of 5, 3 of whom are internationally adopted, the family lives in Germany (how cool is that?!?!?) She is also a thoughtful blogger.
5)Denise mom of a son and wife of a pastor. She is an artist in her own right, sporting lovely designs in her own Esty shop.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1000Th Post-WOOHOO!

And I am wasting it on the dentist because I am so proud of my girl.
In the waiting room, waiting.

Playing with the felt board.

sitting and waiting in the chair. "Okay, where'd she go?"

Time for the teeth pictures.

This is the poster G got to look at.

Dental hygienist. She let G use the "straw" (suction) on herself.

Toes don't look so relaxed.

Finally the dentist comes to check everything out and put the vitamin paste stuff on her teeth. She has a few cavities but they are not near the pulp and will just be watched. She has a 2 mm over bite and only her left back side teeth meet when she bites down.

I saw her permanent teeth and one of them is as crooked as can be. Dentist thinks it will straighten out. He thinks her mouth will be big enough. She is a grinder and has worn her baby teeth down. 

Won't do anything about that though for now.
Then he gave me some education. If when her permanent teeth come in and she gets one knocked out I can put it back in and get her to emergency or put it in milk and get her to emergency. In milk it will last for 2 hours but outside of the 2 hour window it can't be put back in . Isn't that interesting? I will just pray it won't happen!!

The last two visits we did at the regular dentist were traumatic for me, the dentist and G. So I took her to a pediatric dentist. G said they did different stuff to her and didn't hurt her.

I couldn't tell they did anything different. I also was allowed to go back (obviously) because of her age. Then we went to see her grandad whose office is nearby.

Anyway I didn't make it out of our neighborhood so decided to work from home. I can't seem to get motivated and need a nap!!

So happy 1000th post to me!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

999th post (UPDATED)

**** UPDATE**** The car's power steering belt broke and is only costing $172.44 and is fixed. YIPPEE!! Doing the happy dance!!

So weekend ended as poorly as it started. Got in the car to drive to church yesterday and something spiral-ie-like (techincal term) fell off my car making it difficult if not impossible to turn. So we walked to church. Although the temp was wonderful there were millions of mosquitos that attacked us. G now is the recipient of a million and one mosquito bites, again. Well, not a million and one but at least a million.

Anyway, I have borrowed my mom's car. She managed to get her repair place to tow mine today and give a verdict. My car is not worth $5000, probably not $2000. If worst comes to worst then I can buy a new car (much smaller/used) if the payments are less than $200/per month with that trade in. My parents are going to get my car fixed if they can for my upcoming turning a year older day. I won't know anything for a while and my parents will probably discuss it first.

Next, dropped G off at school and retrieved only her blanket and sheet from Friday. The tinkerbell pillow didn't make it back, and the blanket is ruined totally. Ripped in several places. Now I am mad at myself for even letting her bring it, but just a glance at it showed how fragile it was (ie shouldn't have been washed). I mean the material was almost gauze. The colors are ruined and faded. Doesn't any one know how to wash on hand wash delicate cycle in cold water? Please don't speak of intention, if you bring home two sets of bedding for your one child after school, then you know you messed up. If you wish to wash, wash the sheet only. I am thinking we aren't going to see tink again.

If G would have attached to that blanket and made holes in it, well, then that would have been fine. But she didn't use it often. We were even going to trade it out today anyway. She only wanted Ms. S to see that she had a panda quilt. I really am more mad at me. I do wish the family who took it home would have at least brought a note and apologized for ruining it.

Also, the new teacher wouldn't let me keep the benadryl spray in G's bag (even though it has been in the bag every year she has been at the school) and she was sitting at a table at drop off. This morning due to the car, I dropped G off closer to 9am. The kids that were there were in total chaos and the teacher was sitting at the table. She stayed there until I addressed her about the benadryl spray and the million mosquito bites.

Don't defend teach either because she doesn't get there early in the morning and this is the first time I have ever seen this person (I drop off usually before 7:30am). I can't imagine that from 8am to 9am she was so overwhelmed that she needed to sit a spell. I am just not getting good vibes about her. I wish they would have let Ms. S move up. Everyone loves Ms. S. Actually there are two others I would have preferred be in G's class. Oh well. I guess I want a bit more structure because kindergarten next year will be much more structure.

Enough of the downer. I am very thankful that my car died on Sunday and not Friday afternoon as both of my parents were out of town and I was in at work 45 mins away from G (daycare pickup). I would have been def. screwed then, so Thank You Jesus for protecting my car until at least my mom was in town and I was at my house. Also, thank you for letting me have this particular job that was like "no prob, see you when you get here" about my car problems.

Also, Saturday when G and I were cleaning her room, she took the task of folding all her blankets up and putting them away. Well, she came to one blanket that I quilted for her (tiny baby blanket) specifically from some completed pieces of my Grandmother's legacy. She held it up and said, "Mama, I mememburh when you and my foster mommy got me dis."

I said, "You do?"

She said, "Yep."

I said, "Well, I do to." Kind of choked me up a bit.

After church my mom came to pick us up and we spent the afternoon at her house. Nice long nap that messed up the bedtime for G anyway. And in the dark last night, I whacked my dogs nose hard trying to get her off of the cat. I didn't realize she was so close to me when I was reaching for her. I felt badly about it and wondered if I broke it. She didn't yelp and she did move.

The next post will be my 1000th post and well before my second anniversary in blogging (coming up Sept). I recently went back to read some of the earlier and middle stuff I have written. This has been a fun way to chronicle our lives, work out my frustration, "meet" people all over the internet/blogosphere, get my opinions out there and generally just get my thoughts down.

I sure hope this blog lasts until G is old enough to read it. I may book it from day one through 1000 then again in the next 1000. I haven't decided yet. I want a book with some of the comments but I want to choose which to put in and what posts to put in too. I mean I love the LOL cats but I am not sure I want them in my blog book.

And if anyone wonders why I blog, if you saw my handwriting you would know. The meeting of others is a bonus. I used to journal the traditional way and am a sucker for journals but I wouldn't be able to translate my handwriting when I develop Alzheimers so this is the best. My words, but readable, heh.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The big 35!!

This Morning

This morning we cleaned up G's room. Then while I finished going through her clothes she had a rest while watching her Sesame Street DVD.

She finally figured out how to watch it and rewind or fast forward to her favorite parts. I need to figure out how to get some more videos for it but I am not so sure they haven't quit making them. I have really come to love that bench though it caused me much grief in the beginning.

Do you think she has enough books?

Look What Came For Breakfast

Sadly this is right in front of the stove and yes it was that nasty. I try to keep it clean but shoes and animals don't help. It is feeding on a piece of spaghetti noodle. It was huge too. I don't know how the "slogs" as G calls them keep getting in the house. There is no outside entry into the kitchen (that I know of) and the door to the outside is at least 6 feet from where I found the guy. I have found more than just him in the house. Once I found one on the opposite side of the kitchen under the table eating a cheerio that had been dropped from breakfast. Again at least 6 feet from the door. I can't find the slug trail so I can't find the entry way. YUCK and double YUCK!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I Am A Little Pissed

First off you have to know that today was show and tell at G's school (pre-school/daycare). Right before we were ready to walk out the door G brings me the doll totally nekkid. I hit the roof. I refused to stop and put them on so Jasmine barbie (Christmas gift) went to school nekkid. Her teacher had to put them on her (I asked nicely).

So this afternoon I get there and someone else took the clothes off and now the top is missing. Of course 4 year olds can't tell me where. G promises she didn't do it that M played with it and she lost it. I am a bit pissed about the loss of this top. Now the teachers encourage kids to bring toys but they aren't going to help keep up with them? We won't be participating again in show and tell.

But that isn't what clinched my anger. School let someone else walk off with G's bedding. The sheet, her panda quilt/blanket and pillow. Now the parents who pick their kids up know what bedding they bring to school!!! The teachers didn't secure the take home bag on the hook they just put it on the floor under the hook. I am not sure the panda blanket can get be washed. It isn't a normal usage blanket so it doesn't get washed and I can't replace it.

I can't send another non replaceable blanket for nap time again. I don't really care about the sheet or the pillow though the parents ought to be ashamed for picking it up and knowing they didn't bring it. I hope it was a grandmother who made a mistake or something. And the teachers didn't have a clue it wasn't there until I brought it up!

Yes I am being unreasonable about this but it was like the straw and the camel!! My cycle is coming too so I am extra emotional to begin with!! On top of having to hold the grief in over my aunt too. That loss of the top and of the bedding has just done me in!!!

So how was your Friday?

Retro Friday

A picture of a picture, my younger brother and I at a comedy club. He wasn't 21 but he was old enough to go with me. I think we saw the Rev Steve someone or other from NC. He was a local fav on one of the rock music stations. I wish I could remember his name. This was almost 20 years ago. We used to do lots of things together like plays and movies. My brother actually hates going to suspenseful movies with me because I talk. I want to know what will happen next which if as he said, he was watching it for the first time too, heh.


"It would be hard to make a better case against a Barack Obama presidency than the one Obama has made in his own words. The most memorable thing about Obama’s speeches is not generally what he says, but rather how large and enthusiastic the audiences are. If voters pay attention only to the symbolism and get caught up in the excitement of the Obamessiah and his throngs of fainting disciples, he stands a good chance of winning in November. If voters pay attention instead to the things Obama is saying, the case against an Obama presidency will be clear.
Obama’s youthful appearance is often cited as one of his biggest assets, but when he opens his mouth he doesn’t always come off as presidential or even particularly intelligent. The political figure who perhaps has received the most ridicule in the past twenty years is Dan Quayle (due largely to a misspelled word on a flashcard he read during an appearance at a school). I wonder how much more grief would have been heaped on Vice President Quayle if he had made any of the following gaffes committed by Barack Obama (from Michelle Malkin):

· Last May, he claimed that Kansas tornadoes killed a whopping 10,000 people: “In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed.” The actual death toll: 12.

· Earlier this month in Oregon, he redrew the map of the United States: “Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.”

· Last March, on the anniversary of the Bloody Sunday march in Selma, Alabama, he claimed his parents united as a direct result of the civil rights movement: “There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born.” Obama was born in 1961. The Selma march took place in 1965.

Some of Obama’s gaffes go beyond simple slips of the tongue and confusion over numbers though and display a lack of knowledge on important issues as was the case when he commented on the war in Afghanistan and the lack of translators: “We only have a certain number of them and if they are all in Iraq, then it’s harder for us to use them in Afghanistan.” As Malkin pointed out, the real reason it’s “harder for us to use them” in Afghanistan is because Iraqis speak Arabic or Kurdish, while Afghanis speak Pashto, Farsi, or other non-Arabic languages. Worse than the lack of knowledge of the languages spoken in other nations is that he lacks an understanding of the threat posed by some of them. Or maybe he doesn’t. It is really a bit confusing. In Portland, Oregon, Obama said of Iran, “They don't pose a serious threat to us.” The following day in Billings, Montana he said: “I’ve made it clear for years that the threat from Iran is grave.” Maybe it depends what the definitions of “grave” and “serious” are. As I said, it is all bit confusing. Maybe that is why so many focus on the crowds at Obama’s events, rather than to what Obama is actually saying to them.

If voters are paying attention to what Barack Obama says they will see not only a lack of knowledge of important issues, but on some of the issues where he is informed, an attempt to hide his true position and past votes.

In the Saddleback Church forum last week, in response to Rev. Rick Warren’s question, “At what point does a baby get human rights in your view?” Obama responded: “Well, uh, you know, I think that whether you're looking at it from a theological perspective or, uh, a scientific perspective, uh, answering that question with specificity, uh, you know, is, is, uh, above my pay grade.” As blogger Cassy Fiano points out, the idea that someone running for President would dodge such an important question in that way is “beyond ridiculous” and obviously an attempt to be as ambiguous as possible so that he does not offend those who disagree with the very radical positions he has taken on the issue of abortion during his political career. Obama’s past comments and votes on abortion legislation definitely say more about him than anything he is saying on the subject now.

Another example of actions speaking louder than words can be found when we listen to Obama’s money talk. According to Obama’s tax returns from 2000-2006, the Obamas have given far less to charity than John McCain has. In all but the two most recent years reported, the Obamas gave around 1% or less of their income to charity. Their contributions increased in 2005 and 2006 to 4.7% and 6.1% respectively, but still are far short of those of McCain who gave 28.6% in 2006 and 27.3% in 2007. But if you listen to Obama’s words you will hear that he is very concerned about the least among us.

According to the following statement from an Obama speech earlier this summer, it appears pretty much everyone who isn’t Obama is a lesser being: “...I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on earth. This was the moment -- this was the time -- when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves and our highest ideals.” If Obama is able to slow the rise of the oceans then ending poverty and securing peace should be a cakewalk. I suppose he will only be able to accomplish such feats if elected President though.

This week John McCain pulled ahead of Obama in many polls and projections. Maybe voters have finally started listening to what Obama has been saying now that the thrill of his oratory is wearing thin."


Thursday, August 21, 2008

G Conversations

We found it, Blankie's long lost twin right here</>.

I told G about seeing a blanket just like hers on another blog. She said, "Is she a boy or a gurhl?"

I said, "A girl has one like yours. It's blankie's twin."

She said, "Well, blankie is a boy, and hers is a gurhl."

I told her I would show her the picture so when we got home but the other blanket is actually two tied together so she said it really isn't like hers.

But it is like hers and I would love to know where to get the material for the lady bug blanket specifically in pink. We would stitch up two sides with black thread because that is G's favorite part.

Tuesday, I will be taking G to a pediatric dentist. I had her one appt with our normal dentist but she is absolutely terrified of the dentist (we have been twice already). Just like the doctor, G cries even at the mention of going. She has gotten better about the doc but that took 3 years and was ruined with one shot, ugh. My mother wants me to take her to the ped dentist recommended by an ex-coworker. So Tuesday morn at 9am it is. Right now the only saving grace is we can sleep until 7am or later to get there. YEA!!

This is What Heaven Looks Like

In the eyes of my 4 year old. I have no idea what everything is either so don't ask. She needed a visual of the place and created it herself.

About G's Dolls and the Disheartening post

I don't actually have a problem with blond blue dolls or really barbie (I would prefer more Asian inspired Barbies though). G has a wide range of diverse dolls even caucasian babies (my Madame Alexander and a few cabbage patch gifts). She doesn't play with them often though. If she does it is sporadic and she mostly plays with the Asian featured bitty baby. And she mostly dresses and undresses it and covers it with blankets. Mostly she is a creative child and plays with ink stamps, colors, paints and scissors.

I haven't gotten rid of the books yet. Last night reading one of the books we turned to a page featuring kelly and her friends, I asked G to point to the one that looks like her. She pointed to the African American one with the dark straight hair and the darkest skin on the page. I said, "No that one is not Asian, she is African American." I did however point out what did look like G about her with the long straight black hair (though I doubt that is totally correct for the doll either).

Then I got the other book out and that was the book that had the Asian friend of Kelly's in the play ground. I said, "Okay, now show me which one looks like you." And she pointed to the Asian one on the slide and then we talked about all the differences in the kids (with no value judgments) in the picture. There were actually no Asian friends in the first book we read. But they are diverse kids in both books. Lots of skin tones and ethnicity.

And for someone who asked, G's pediatrician and dentists are both Chinese American and both families grandparents came from the south of China like her (coincidence there). We do go to the Chinese market and we do things with our FCC friends because those families most resemble us. She def wants a baby sister to be Asian to no other option is working for her. Sadly I was hoping to go Ethiopia or Columbia since Vietnam closed and China closed. And she isn't ready for a baby sister at all so this is like years from now anyway.

Now our community is pretty diverse, but I also know I cannot teach her Chinese culture. I also realize that truly the only way she would really get Chinese culture would be to live there. Otherwise it is just bits and pieces anyway. I encourage her to learn about China and we talk about China a lot. I also let her pic the books she wants to read and sometimes they are on China or the Chinese Cinderella YehShen or Lon PoPo. 

I think I am doing all I can do except language. We have a Chinese kindergarten within 35 miles or so of us but it is mostly for Chinese kids with Chinese speaking parents and the school is quick to let you know that. Plus the times of the class are geared for SAHMs or are too early in the evening for me to get home and back. Language study will be encouraged, but again I don't speak it so I can't truly reinforce it, and if I did it would be with a weird southern accent.

I think the point of the post was that at some place in her head the girl with the brown hair who more closely looked like G was not pretty to G and that bothered me. Bratz dolls are totally forbidden in our house (on principle, too smutty). I played with Barbie as a child, but I am not ready for her to focus her energy on them yet.

We did get a chance last night to talk about beauty and the beast and how belle is both beautiful inside and out and the beast is beautiful inside only at first and gaston is beautiful outside only(supposed to be) and what that all means (well as much as a 4 year old can grasp). I tell you muddling through the implications of race in our family is difficult and rewarding because I am learning so much myself.

Do You Know What Heaven Looks Like?

I do. G drew it at school. I saw a picture she had drawn and asked her what it was of. She said, "You know, you tell me." By the way, I hate it when she does that.

So I started naming things I thought and she would say no. Then I said, "Well is it heaven?" She thought a sec (because I don't think she knew what she drew either) and said, "Yep. I needed to know what it wooked wike. Now I know."

Now when she just needs to talk or connect with me she gets this mournful sound to her voice and says, "But I still worried about heaven."

I will post a pic of it later.

Lets Lighten the Mood

Several pics of G. These first ones were taken last night when I told her that those dolls are polly pockets because they were small enough to fit in her pockets. So she went and put them and all of the accessories in her pockets. She did the same thing this morning while waiting on me to get ready.

This one was taken one evening after she took her hair down. It looked better in person and yes she has pesto on her face along with a very old tattoo.

Yesterday morning she put lickets on and I asked to take a pic and this is how she posed with the finger to her cheek. And she stuck on some earrings to complete the look.

Silly pics of my girl.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1938-2008 RIP

My aunt passed away last night. Her son was with her reading the Bible to her. Probably to comfort him as much as her. My mom called last night as soon as she was called. G and I had already gotten in the bed, though we weren't asleep.

I think my first thought was relief that she isn't in pain anymore. My second thought was the response of my grandmother who went before (at least the response in my mind) of greeting her daughter with a stoic, "Why are you here so early?" My last two thoughts were that there are very very few pics of my aunt and we won't be able to travel to the funeral to say goodbye. She decided against being buried here because it would be too difficult for her son to visit her grave.

I have to tell you that it is very difficult to grieve with a very curious and outspoken 4 year old. G knew I was crying and asked if I was. I affirmed it and she said, "are you cwying weel tears?" I said, "Yes" and she said, "Wike I do when you spank me and I cwy?" I said, "No, I am crying tears of sorrow and you cry tears of anger."

Then we talked about death (I refuse to candy coat it) and what it means (age appropriate). We talked about heaven and hell. I told her that Aunt Doris was in Heaven with other family members. I told her based on my knowledge who she knows that will be going to heaven. She asked if Meghan was going and I bit my tongue and said yes. She decided that "Grammie and Grandad and you and me and Grammie and G" needed to go to heaven together. I agreed.

She told me she was worried about heaven (mostly about going right now) and I told her all the things we did to keep her from going now like holding my hands in parking lots and in streets and learning to swim etc. I told her that although God said heaven is a wonderful place where there would be no tears or mourning (or sleeping, she asked) that I wanted us to stay on earth a little bit longer.

I explained that grandad was going back to San Diego to the funeral where they will bury her body that was left on this earth. I explained that her spirit was at that very moment with Christ in heaven. Time will tell what she did or did not understand. But today is a busy day at work and it looks like I will have to schedule a time to grieve.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


"The National Right to Life Committee, however, isn’t stepping back. It released a statement Monday saying: 'Senator Barack Obama’s four-year effort to cover up his full role in killing legislation to protect born-alive survivors of abortions continues to unravel.'

Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council Action, also released a statement calling for Obama to apologize to voters.

'Senator Obama’s position in the Illinois Senate was to oppose any legislation that would protect such innocent life. Everyone else was clear that the bill addressed infanticide not abortion,' he said, accusing Obama of 'twisting of the truth.'

Perkins claimed the campaign since clarified its position 'that it was the senator himself who was actually wrong on the facts.'"

He even lied or tried to hide the fact that he knows that life begins at conception at the forum presented at Saddleback Church on Saturday by claiming he is below the pay grade to declare when human life begins. B.S. Science and theology declare the samething, life begins at the moment of conception. He is a bigger liar than, dare I say it? Clinton!!