Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1000Th Post-WOOHOO!

And I am wasting it on the dentist because I am so proud of my girl.
In the waiting room, waiting.

Playing with the felt board.

sitting and waiting in the chair. "Okay, where'd she go?"

Time for the teeth pictures.

This is the poster G got to look at.

Dental hygienist. She let G use the "straw" (suction) on herself.

Toes don't look so relaxed.

Finally the dentist comes to check everything out and put the vitamin paste stuff on her teeth. She has a few cavities but they are not near the pulp and will just be watched. She has a 2 mm over bite and only her left back side teeth meet when she bites down.

I saw her permanent teeth and one of them is as crooked as can be. Dentist thinks it will straighten out. He thinks her mouth will be big enough. She is a grinder and has worn her baby teeth down. 

Won't do anything about that though for now.
Then he gave me some education. If when her permanent teeth come in and she gets one knocked out I can put it back in and get her to emergency or put it in milk and get her to emergency. In milk it will last for 2 hours but outside of the 2 hour window it can't be put back in . Isn't that interesting? I will just pray it won't happen!!

The last two visits we did at the regular dentist were traumatic for me, the dentist and G. So I took her to a pediatric dentist. G said they did different stuff to her and didn't hurt her.

I couldn't tell they did anything different. I also was allowed to go back (obviously) because of her age. Then we went to see her grandad whose office is nearby.

Anyway I didn't make it out of our neighborhood so decided to work from home. I can't seem to get motivated and need a nap!!

So happy 1000th post to me!!


Johnny said...

Congrats on your 1000th post.

Ashley Winters said...

Glenys looks so cute, even at the dentist's office.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Wow! Good job Glenys!

Donna said...

That "putting the tooth in milk" tip is great...hopefully we'll never have to use it, but it's good to know!

Sharon said...

Wow! We need to do that next week! Yikes. I am leaving you an award....

Donna said...

I didn't know about the milk trick; I'll have to file that one away even though I hope I never need it. Good job, Glenys.

Ronda said...

Wow! Congrats on reaching 1000 posts. You are a blogger idol! I hope. Glenys looked like an old pro at the dentist.

AZMom said...

How fun! Love the tip on the tooth in milk. Would never have guessed.

Great pics as always!