Monday, August 25, 2008

999th post (UPDATED)

**** UPDATE**** The car's power steering belt broke and is only costing $172.44 and is fixed. YIPPEE!! Doing the happy dance!!

So weekend ended as poorly as it started. Got in the car to drive to church yesterday and something spiral-ie-like (techincal term) fell off my car making it difficult if not impossible to turn. So we walked to church. Although the temp was wonderful there were millions of mosquitos that attacked us. G now is the recipient of a million and one mosquito bites, again. Well, not a million and one but at least a million.

Anyway, I have borrowed my mom's car. She managed to get her repair place to tow mine today and give a verdict. My car is not worth $5000, probably not $2000. If worst comes to worst then I can buy a new car (much smaller/used) if the payments are less than $200/per month with that trade in. My parents are going to get my car fixed if they can for my upcoming turning a year older day. I won't know anything for a while and my parents will probably discuss it first.

Next, dropped G off at school and retrieved only her blanket and sheet from Friday. The tinkerbell pillow didn't make it back, and the blanket is ruined totally. Ripped in several places. Now I am mad at myself for even letting her bring it, but just a glance at it showed how fragile it was (ie shouldn't have been washed). I mean the material was almost gauze. The colors are ruined and faded. Doesn't any one know how to wash on hand wash delicate cycle in cold water? Please don't speak of intention, if you bring home two sets of bedding for your one child after school, then you know you messed up. If you wish to wash, wash the sheet only. I am thinking we aren't going to see tink again.

If G would have attached to that blanket and made holes in it, well, then that would have been fine. But she didn't use it often. We were even going to trade it out today anyway. She only wanted Ms. S to see that she had a panda quilt. I really am more mad at me. I do wish the family who took it home would have at least brought a note and apologized for ruining it.

Also, the new teacher wouldn't let me keep the benadryl spray in G's bag (even though it has been in the bag every year she has been at the school) and she was sitting at a table at drop off. This morning due to the car, I dropped G off closer to 9am. The kids that were there were in total chaos and the teacher was sitting at the table. She stayed there until I addressed her about the benadryl spray and the million mosquito bites.

Don't defend teach either because she doesn't get there early in the morning and this is the first time I have ever seen this person (I drop off usually before 7:30am). I can't imagine that from 8am to 9am she was so overwhelmed that she needed to sit a spell. I am just not getting good vibes about her. I wish they would have let Ms. S move up. Everyone loves Ms. S. Actually there are two others I would have preferred be in G's class. Oh well. I guess I want a bit more structure because kindergarten next year will be much more structure.

Enough of the downer. I am very thankful that my car died on Sunday and not Friday afternoon as both of my parents were out of town and I was in at work 45 mins away from G (daycare pickup). I would have been def. screwed then, so Thank You Jesus for protecting my car until at least my mom was in town and I was at my house. Also, thank you for letting me have this particular job that was like "no prob, see you when you get here" about my car problems.

Also, Saturday when G and I were cleaning her room, she took the task of folding all her blankets up and putting them away. Well, she came to one blanket that I quilted for her (tiny baby blanket) specifically from some completed pieces of my Grandmother's legacy. She held it up and said, "Mama, I mememburh when you and my foster mommy got me dis."

I said, "You do?"

She said, "Yep."

I said, "Well, I do to." Kind of choked me up a bit.

After church my mom came to pick us up and we spent the afternoon at her house. Nice long nap that messed up the bedtime for G anyway. And in the dark last night, I whacked my dogs nose hard trying to get her off of the cat. I didn't realize she was so close to me when I was reaching for her. I felt badly about it and wondered if I broke it. She didn't yelp and she did move.

The next post will be my 1000th post and well before my second anniversary in blogging (coming up Sept). I recently went back to read some of the earlier and middle stuff I have written. This has been a fun way to chronicle our lives, work out my frustration, "meet" people all over the internet/blogosphere, get my opinions out there and generally just get my thoughts down.

I sure hope this blog lasts until G is old enough to read it. I may book it from day one through 1000 then again in the next 1000. I haven't decided yet. I want a book with some of the comments but I want to choose which to put in and what posts to put in too. I mean I love the LOL cats but I am not sure I want them in my blog book.

And if anyone wonders why I blog, if you saw my handwriting you would know. The meeting of others is a bonus. I used to journal the traditional way and am a sucker for journals but I wouldn't be able to translate my handwriting when I develop Alzheimers so this is the best. My words, but readable, heh.


mommy24treasures said...

hope the rest of the week is better.:)

Christy said...

Holy Cow-- what a weekend!!! That is not the most optimal weekend but at least your church is close enough to walk-- even with the 1001 mosquitos attacking. I hope the car is all figured out and I hope your week is a great one to offset the horrors of the weekend.

Christy :)