Thursday, August 28, 2008

Check This Out Especially If You Fly Often For Long Trips

A Cabin Cuddler is just the thing for travel or overly airconditioned work spaces or long car rides or emergency/evacuation shelters after hurricane Gustave comes roaring through (LISTEN UP YOU FOLKS IN MISSISSIPPI GULF). This versitile travel blanket has its own inflatable pillow even.

The carry/storage case becomes your very own personal hygenic pillow case. The cut of the blanket follows the contours of your body so every bit of you will be covered. It even has a pocket for your feet. Now that one is imporant because the feet usually remain the coldest part of the body especially if you travel in airplanes or in high heeled shoes (at work) that will cut the blood off in your toes, which ever may apply to your specific situation.

This travel blanket would also be a perfect gift for a family traveling to China or Russia soon to adopt a precious child. If you have recently been invited to a baby shower for an adoptive family please think in this direction for a gift for the family. Airlines are no longer supplying free blankets, so we need to think ahead. It is sort of like the gift of toilet paper given to a family who has recently been through a family members death, you know one of the very necessary and apprecitated gifts but not thought of as generally polite or all that cutesy?

Oh and since it is your own Cabin Cuddler you won't have to worry about it not being cleaned between flights or trips. I mean if you can sleep in your own germs that is. And no lice to worry about from other people on the plane or from used/donated blankets at the evacuation/emergency shelters.

Maybe there should be a huge donation made to the salvation army or red cross of Cabin Cuddler blankets for people in emergency situations or homeless people in the coldest cities. Any takers? Any one? Any one?

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Ellie Monster said...

You have NO IDEA!! I'm totally ordering this!!!! I need it for my trip to VEGAS!!!!!! And my mom needs one for her trip to, well, she's always cold to she'll need it everyday.

Nadim said...

Salvation Army Car Donation - A Great Benefit That Means A Great Deal.

Salvation Army car donation guide

Jo said...

What an amazing blanket, great gift for my daughter who is always cold.