Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Conversations with G

Last night in bed, "I'm just gonna way he-urh a widdle bit den squum and wiggle." (I'm just gonna lay her a little bit then squirm and wiggle.)

Finally I got the did I grow in your tummy question. It didn't last long but we were discussing her teacher's baby shower and how Micah is in her teacher's tummy. I took the opportunity and explained that all babies come from women's tummies (okay so not ready to get the total body parts right though I don't have funny names for her female organs and I call them what they are) and that she grew in her birth mom's tummy. Then she asked, "Was I in your tummy, mommy?" And I explained that she was in another woman's tummy in China and that after she was born I was allowed to be her mommy.

While watching the Olympic opening ceremony (which made me tear up several times) she said, "Are all mommies Chinese?" I said, "Well some mommies are Chinese but I am not. You do have a Chinese birth mommy though in China." (I never got the correlation of the Olympics with Chinese moms).

Last night in bed, "Momma when I run does Jesus run with me?"

Also, "What makes God sad?" I told her that when I got mad and acted like a baby it made God sad. She said, "Well then you do always make God sad. Why you always get mad all the time, why you do dat."

Oh yeah, I told her that was my issue, and I was wrong. That I was working on it, and then I prayed for us both and for me specifically to control my temper. I am like the beast in Beauty and the Beast who gets frustrated quickly. So now you know there is my deep dark secret, I have a quick and fierce temper.

About the baby shower, G was so excited and "I'm just gonna eat de puhcakes. I mean de icing" until we walked into the shower and all of a sudden she was too shy. She loved looking at the gifts though and asked several times "who gived hur dat." She was also shocked to discover that her teacher was going to be there even though I told her that the party was for her.

She drank my sprite and said, "I don't wike dose bubbles sharpening on my wips." If something pokes her it is sharpening and if something has a flavor that is noticeable it is spicy.


Donna said...

So many questions. I don't like those bubbles either.

Mary63 said...

The olympics are fabulous. The Chinese are trying so hard to make everything more than perfect. Did you see the little girl in the opening ceremony lip-synced beause the girl with the best voice was not "cute enough?" I looked her up - the girls are both beautiful, but the one who was on TV was more "Hollywood". Kind of like a kid would would be in a beauty pagent a la Jon Benet. The girl who did not appear looks like a little girl who would see everyday in school or at the store (she kind of looks a little like Glenys, and NOT just because she is Chinese (Yang Peiyi)


Heather said...

Acer is currently obsessed with his heart, and the fact that 'God is there'. He's always asking me if God wants to go down the slide or listen to a certain song. He's always checking to see if 'Your (his own) heart is there' with his hand on his chest. Yes he is still saying your for my and you for I . Oh well.
Heather BT