Thursday, August 21, 2008

G Conversations

We found it, Blankie's long lost twin right here</>.

I told G about seeing a blanket just like hers on another blog. She said, "Is she a boy or a gurhl?"

I said, "A girl has one like yours. It's blankie's twin."

She said, "Well, blankie is a boy, and hers is a gurhl."

I told her I would show her the picture so when we got home but the other blanket is actually two tied together so she said it really isn't like hers.

But it is like hers and I would love to know where to get the material for the lady bug blanket specifically in pink. We would stitch up two sides with black thread because that is G's favorite part.

Tuesday, I will be taking G to a pediatric dentist. I had her one appt with our normal dentist but she is absolutely terrified of the dentist (we have been twice already). Just like the doctor, G cries even at the mention of going. She has gotten better about the doc but that took 3 years and was ruined with one shot, ugh. My mother wants me to take her to the ped dentist recommended by an ex-coworker. So Tuesday morn at 9am it is. Right now the only saving grace is we can sleep until 7am or later to get there. YEA!!


AZMom said...

Pediatric dentists are fun. My kids love ours. I hope it goes well!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Good luck at the dentist! I need to get Emma and Lottie in to see one also.

Barbara said...

Hi Beverly!  Olivia actually has that blanket! She has a favorite blanket so that one never got used if you would like to have it for Glenys! It has been washed, but that is it! Let me know and I will be happy to send it to her along with her Summer Pal gift!! Olivia LOVES the books you sent her and the Stamp set. She loved the letter that followed too. She is really into getting mail these days!!Blessings!Barbara Huff