Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Am Beginning to Dislike Teenage Girls and Dog Owners

especially when they are one in the same. Let me set the stage for you. A week or so ago I was getting the mail (we had just gotten home) and a woman, her teenage daughter and their two unleashed dogs (the woman carried the leashes) were walking down the street. Both dogs ran into my yard. The woman did nothing to catch them. I on the other hand started shooing them out of the yard.

The woman looks at me and says, "Um those are my dogs." I said, "Um yeah so get them out of my yard. I don't even let my dog pee or poo in my front yard." Wouldn't that be simple? So ever since then, the teenage girl (who made fun of me as they walked on down the street) continues to bring the dogs down my street.

Not only that she today intentionally let one off the leash and G and I were right in the yard. She watched me as she walked up the street and then waved. Smart ass. So I told her that she needed to quit letting her dogs poo and pee on my yard. She said, "They aren't hurting you." HUH? What the hell do I care if they "aren't hurting me"? First off they could bite G. They could. No one really knows if they would or not. She can hope. Second, they are in my yard!! I said something to the effect that she has no respect and shows no responsibility and she said, "I don't care."

I said, "It is obvious you don't care and that you have no respect for any one's property. You don't pay rent or mortgage." Then I very maturely called her a "little shit." Yes, in front of G and I explained to G that only "little shits" like that girl let their dogs run around off leash. I am ready to set poison out for those dogs in my yard (and don't think I wouldn't do it if I could guarantee only hers would get it). I found a huge pile of dog poo in my yard today. Clean it up please!! It pisses me off!! Responsible pet owners keep dogs in fences or on leashes out of people's yards whom the owners don't know or even do know.

I think there is an ordinance in the city to keep leashes on dogs. I don't have a big front yard so dog poo takes up some space and it is nasty and germ-y. I don't want dog poo in the front yard. That is why Clementine is relegated to the back yard and kept in a fence! Then to have the smart alack teenager, I just want to smack her!!


Kelley said...

Ugh! I feel your pain. We have a neighborhood dog that is always pooping in our yard, too. We're just not sure which dog it is...I think it's the neighbor who lives across the street, but I'm a scaredy cat and I hate confrontations. You have guts to stand up for yourself! I hope the problem stops soon...

Andrea said...

OOOO! I like you! So do this... Go to PetSmart( or somewhere) and get one of those Doggie Training Whistles that hurt the dogs' ears. When they come up the street with the dogs, start blowing the whistle.
That just seems like it would be fun to me.
Maybe you will get lucky and the dogs will take of running and they will have to chase them.:)


kerri said...

I agree with you 100%.
Keep your dogs leashed and out of my yard.
I am a dog lover and was responsible owner, never would I let my dog go on someone else's yard, that's just ignorant! Yikes!
As far as biting, any!! dog can bite, you are a great Mom for being concerned!

Heather said...

I pretty sure there is also an ordinance (or criminal statute) against poisoning someone's dog. That's sick.

kris said...

so what you're saying is that you would make the dog pay with HIS LIFE (and have you seen a dog die from poisoning by the way??) for the girl's mistake? and that as a professed christian, you are not teaching your daughter the value in diplomacy and forgiveness? there might have been a far better way to handle this rather than calling her a name and then basically telling your child that it's acceptable to do that.

sorry, I'm just REALLY shocked.

Super Mommy said...

Wow - I'd be ticked too. I am sure you have a leash law/and poo law - we do and you can get fined for disobeying it. You could probably find out if these laws exist by looking online.

Beverly said...

Please don't worry. I am not going to kill the damned dogs. It just pisses me off that the damned parents of the girl allow her to behave this way. In our town, these dogs will get run over because though it is a quite street cars still go through. I won't do the running over, I won't have to.

Vivian M said...

If your town has an ordinance or law about leashing or picking up pet poop, you can report the dog owners. They will most likely get a very to the point warning letter, and that can be followed up with a hefty fine if they keep it up. You can also take pictures of them (it is after all in public and on your property) and those pictures can be handed in as evidence.
That alone may be a deterrant. Or, it could make things worse, because if they don't care now, they probably have no respect for authority either.
I am so sorry to hear you are going through this, and it is unfortunate that there are people out there that lack in the morals and responsability departments.

Kate said...

I feel your stress on this one.

I wouldn't be confrontational (as I'm not that sort of person) but I would take clear photos of the dogs on your property and keep a list of when it happens. I wouldn't bother to acknowledge the owners but I would explain why you were taking the photos if they asked.

Good luck,

Leah said...

I would call Animal Control the next time you see them in your yard. And take pictures. Especially if you catch their dogs pooping in your yard without picking it up. That is actually illegal.

Around here you can shoot dogs if they are on your property off leash. I do not agree with this, but you can at least threaten it. Once they cross onto your property (off leash) than they can be considered a threat.

I do let my dogs poop/pee on other people's yards, EXCEPT that I always (110% of the time, since I pick up other poo if I see it) pick up the poo. If the person has a nice yard, I try to discourage my dogs from using their yard as a toilet, but you cannot realistically expect a dog to not go, especially when most of the time they are just marking where another dog had all ready marked. Stopping a dog from peeing/pooping will just result in a confused dog about potty training.

I am an animal behaviorist.