Friday, August 15, 2008

I Was Right, As Always

That spinach dish was better today for lunch. So tonight, G and I made homemade pesto from my basil plants. I didn't have many and it only made one batch so maybe next year I will get more plants and actually water them.

These tomatos are just a few I kept from my dad's garden. G ate the jarred pesto instead of my homemade stuff. But she did like the juice it made.

  The tomatos play a part in tonight's pesto because I chopped one up with salt and pepper and added it to the dish last. I am here to tell you it was so good.

I probably cooked too many noodles but it was still really good and now I have two lunches next week taken care of with left over pasta.

Now about the spinach I made:
1 cooked frozen package of spinach as directed
add 1 pkg pizza cheese (would have been two 8 or 6 oz feta cheese packages but I was out of them)
add 2 chopped tomatos
add 1 can of drained sliced water chestnuts (because I needed to finally use them.)
2 extra slices of American singles (to occupy G and stop her meltdown)
approx. 2 teaspoons of dill weed (would have preferred really fresh dill didn't have any)
1 teaspoon garlic, probably equal to 1 clove
salt and pepper to taste
I may or may not have poured in a tblspoon of olive oil, I don't remember so it can't hurt!
It should be the consistency of like a spinach dip almost. Maybe more like a stew. It was so good and so pretty.


Michelle said...

Looks yummy!! It's so nice to have a little helper in the kitchen.

sara said...

This looks delicious :)