Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just a Ramblings Post

This is my cat Abigail. She was a rescued kitten and only two of the six survived a drowning in a ditch with the mom. She was freshly weened by the time I got her. The other survivor was totally gray. Abigail is absolutely a huge cat and steals food from Simon. She would still it from the dog if she thought she could get away with it.

She shouldn't be very big based on the size of her head and her paws. She actually should be a tiny cat but I foolishly left food out all the time when she was a kitten. It screwed up her metabolism so that she is way way over weight. No anytime I hear of someone getting a kitten I warn them to use the feeding directions on the bag of food.

This next picture is two breakings from my stevia plant. These two grew from one branch just like this. I don't even know what to do with the plant. It tastes like sugar. It is a sweetner but one plant can't take the place of anything. So I guess this is my novelty herb.

Now on to the bedtime conversation last night. G wanted to hear her story but not the adoption story. Oh no, she wanted to hear about the time I took her diaper off before a bath and she pooped in the kitchen floor. Not only that but before I could get it cleaned up or rather during the time I got G up and into the bathroom for a bath, my dog ate it. Seriously it made me gag then and does so now. But G kept asking questions about it.

She asked about why she did it and why didn't I see her and why did Clementine eat it and why was she nekkie and on and on and on. She asked the same question more than three times after I had already talked about it. Those type questions that late at bed frustrate me to death.

She did ask me about not getting married and I said I had planned on getting married but that it didn't work out. She said, "Before you weawized dat you would not, dat marry, um, dat you not get marry, what did you do? Did you decide you want a baby den?" I told her that I wanted to adopt a baby even before I realized I wouldn't get married. I told her that I needed to be not married to get to be her mom though.

And tonight for supper she ate, white cheese dip, chips and hotdog. I made a spinach/tomato/cheese/thing with waterchesnuts (big mistake). It was a bit too watery but I think it will heat nicely though.

I had tomatos from my parents garden where I have picked 6 one gallon buckets of tomatos between Sunday and Tuesday. I have given an older neighbor another box full after the first box on Sunday. I have taken two boxes to work to share. I even had peppers this time with a few egg plants.

My parents will be back in town tomorrow and the garden will return to them to pick.

G is currently arguing with me about taking a bath in the kitchen sink. We have had a rough afternoon after a meltdown over stickers. She is wearing on my impatience!

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Heather said...

We had a tiny head, tiny feet cat too. She was not too bright, and the only name she would answer to was chubbs. We didn't want to be mean, we tried many cool names for her, but chubbs was it. She died at the ripe old age of 17 a few years back. She was good cat, just dim. Good hunter though for some reason.
Heather BT