Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Cat Simon

This is Simon. He is the best cat except when he isn't. And he isn't the best cat when he is peeing on the futon which is why my futon is covered in a queen mattress cover and double sided tape. Can I sit on the futon? nope! Currently it is holding a spot in the living room to keep it from looking empty.

This is Simon who is sitting on top of the storage table otherwise known as the kitchen table in the photos. He is pretty good about making where ever he feels his bed. He loves to chase around small objects like G's stamp thingys and her pens which always elicits a frustrated bark from Clementine who doesn't think much of Simon anyway.

This is Simon who once when dropped of to the vet by a previous owner lost the wrong tooth by mistake and now he "smiles" looking a wee bit like Elvis! He also was found by previous owner after a terrible car accident in which Simon (then known as Rusty) almost lost his life. He now has a permanent issue with his hip, throwing his back leg out and around to take a step.

This is Simon who was called Simon Rusty (after Salmon Rushdie) in order to get rid of that terrible name Rusty. (No offense to those who have an animal named Rusty but I hate it.) Simon is also the same cat who will stand aside and allow Abigail (the other one) to eat his food without a fuss. He is the appropriate size for a cat while Abigail really needs a weight watchers for cats now!

This is Simon who comes into the bedroom to make me comfy so he can rest always around 2ish am. Do you know how cats make their spots comfy? Well, they massage it over and over and over and over, you get the idea. Sometimes that spot on me is my throat which causes me to wake up believing I am dying. He only has back claws so at least I am not overly scarred though he has managed to scratch G several times around the eyelids.

This is Simon, he is my way cool cat. He has no qualms about getting right into the thick of things and lets me know when he catches his "prey" (usually the bathtub toy letters) to save us. Oh and Simon is the only male allowed to live at the house and he is only a male now by DNA, heh.


Vivian M said...

Simon is very handsome.

Sharon said...

You are funny, funny funny! And that is a great looking cat!!!
John always says as he send the cat flying, "If you want the best seat in the house, move the cat!"

Lauri said...

Love that Cat... cute