Thursday, August 07, 2008


You know, change for changes sake is not necessarily good. From the Obama rhetoric he has not clearly defined what exactly he wants to change nor has he said how he will change anything. He seems to be an opportunist only and one with no experience.

I mean he has been running for president for at least 2 years now. How much experience does he have really in government other than running for president?

In IL while in the congress, he voted anti-life every chance he got! He even voted against a law to allow babies to live who survived an abortions in the hospital. He voted to let the babies die with no "medical intervention," like oh say, food and warmth and touch, never mind the real medical intervention to fix whatever was the reason for the abortion in the first place. Check his record. He abhors life. He said it was a mistake to try to save Terry Schiavo after the fact of course.

This man is another jimmeh cahteh, no experience, ridiculous rhetoric, and no true abilities other than to smile. Oh yes I remember those terrible 4 years of the carter presidency, and I was in elementary school then. Oh and my parents are not political activists, so I don't remember them ever commenting on the carter mistake!

I am not enthused about McCain because he is a bit closer to the left than I am but he will get my vote unless a maverick (worth voting for) jumps in to beat them both.


Kiayaphd said...

I don't mean any harm, darlin', what you said is pure garbage.

Beverly said...

Um no it's not, go check his record. tell me please what and how he is going to change.

Vivian M said...

As much as I respect the candidate's beliefs that they are the right choice for America, I am not confident in voting for either of them.
Obama lacks experience, and I agree that he is a great speaker but has not defined HOW he is going to make change and WHAT changes will happen, or when.
McCain seems like a decent sort but he is too much like Bush for my taste, and I don't agree with his thoughts on the war in Iraq. I do respect him for admitting to making mistakes (see his appearance on "The View").
I think the defining factor for me anyway will be who their VP running mate candidates will be.

Shaun said...

What about McSame's views on human rights? I could never vote for someone who is or ever was, pro-apartheid!