Tuesday, August 19, 2008


"The National Right to Life Committee, however, isn’t stepping back. It released a statement Monday saying: 'Senator Barack Obama’s four-year effort to cover up his full role in killing legislation to protect born-alive survivors of abortions continues to unravel.'

Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council Action, also released a statement calling for Obama to apologize to voters.

'Senator Obama’s position in the Illinois Senate was to oppose any legislation that would protect such innocent life. Everyone else was clear that the bill addressed infanticide not abortion,' he said, accusing Obama of 'twisting of the truth.'

Perkins claimed the campaign since clarified its position 'that it was the senator himself who was actually wrong on the facts.'"

He even lied or tried to hide the fact that he knows that life begins at conception at the forum presented at Saddleback Church on Saturday by claiming he is below the pay grade to declare when human life begins. B.S. Science and theology declare the samething, life begins at the moment of conception. He is a bigger liar than, dare I say it? Clinton!!

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