Thursday, August 07, 2008

"Only God has the right to take a life"

So I wonder why, in his relatives eyes, this same statement didn't apply to the man who took the lives of 2 teenage girls for the hell of it? Governments are set up to protect innocent lives. If someone takes a life then the government has the right given by that same God to take the life of the guilty. And believe it or not, that is mercy.

"Medellin was convicted of participating in the gang rape, beating and strangling of Elizabeth Pena, 16, and Jennifer Ertman, 14. He and five fellow gang members attacked the girls as they were walking home on a June night, raped and tortured them for an hour, then kicked and stomped them before using a belt and shoelaces to strangle them.

"In Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, where Medellin was born, a small group of his relatives condemned his execution.

"Only God has the right to take a life," said Medellin's cousin Reyna Armendariz."

There are right judgements to be made and that same God has given authorities and powers to do so. May God rest his soul.

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Vivian M said...

I read a story on CNN recently about an inmate on death row for raping and murdering a few teenage girls. He claims he is too fat to be executed, and that he will suffer if they use lethal injection.
I am appalled at the waste of government money that is being spent on this case. His victims suffered at his hands, and he did not show them any mercy or care. I guess he is lucky to be in the US and not in another country, where he could be subjected to a more painful and undignified death.