Thursday, August 07, 2008

This Describes My Passion for Pro-Life Issues

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Just had an e-mail debate with a friend who shall remain nameless (oh yes you know who you are!) over pro-life issues. I being pro-life and she being pro-choice and both stubborn for what we see as valid reasons.

Let me say for the record, I don't attack people but I will attack ideas and if you happen to be extremely attached to your ideas so that your ideas live and breathe then when debating, you may feel personally attacked. The thing is though ideas are just that and should not be given equality. Ideas can and should be, dare I say it?, judged for correctness, morality and justice. People on the other had should never be anything other than equal.

That is where I think we as humans (western civilization) get messed up. We want equal ideas as in every idea is equal and equally correct when that is impossible. You can't have two opposing ideas be equally correct. Then we look at people and declare certain people beneath us based on what ideas these people believe. We have it all wrong way 'round.

There are some good ideas and bad ideas, and they need to be labeled as such. Anyone can believe any idea they wish, but if believing a bad idea then don't assume you should receive the same respect with regards to that bad idea that a good idea receives.


Kiayaphd said...


Ok, look. . . you talk about ideas as if they are tangible. They are NOT! They are the creation of intelligent beings; ergo, their can be no perfect ideas, because there are no perfect people. Which means that there can be as many ideas as there are people and no one, hear me, NO ONE is in a position to judge which one has the most merit.

'K. I'm done debating for the week.

Beverly said...

That is the point I am trying to make, ideas can be judged and must be judged according to the one and only truth that exists in the world. They are either good or bad, few if any ideas are ever neutral.

Vivian M said...

I agree you are a very passionate person!!!
As for ideas, who decides what is a "good" idea vs. a "bad" idea? Because I bet the people on opposing sides of a debate will both argue their idea is the good one.
Sometimes it is better to respectfully agree to disagree, because everyone is entitled to their beliefs, opinions, etc. and who are we to judge? Your one and only truth may differ from someone elses.
Now I am not saying we should stand by and allow someone to commit a gross criminal act just because they think it's a good idea. But what I am trying to say is that when it comes to religion, politics, sex, and touchy subjects like pro-life and pro-choice, opposing ideas will seem "right" to each side and both are right in their freedom to believe what they want. The only ones that can judge if something is wrong are G-d and the legal system (which is not always right either).