Sunday, September 28, 2008

Best Laid Plans

This was going to be such a fun fun weekend. We were going to go to the zoo Saturday morning with this FCC family for the harvest/cultural festival. All of the zoo rides were free to members so G could have ridden the merrygoround a billion times, FOR FREE!

Then Sunday, we had a birthday party of a little friend at the bounce around place that G actually wouldn't have put socks on for; I already knew the drill based on what she did at Cackie's bday party. And Grandad was back in town from his long week away so there was going to be much rejoicing and almost little time for naps.

That is until Friday evening when someone decided it was a good time to sport a temper temper (fever) though low grade with a deep cough and one swollen tonsil landed us not at the zoo but at the doctor on Saturday morning. G has a sinus-bronchial thing going on requiring amoxicillan and rest and fluids.

I told G when we left the pharmacy the second time (I inadvertently left blankie) that we couldn't go to the birthday party because I didn't want her to be sicker. To which she replied, "Why? Oh nebermind I know, 'cuz you wub me best"(in the most exasperated voice.

I said, "Yes that is exactly it." When in reality it is that I wish to sleep and don't do well with a snoring swollen tonsilled child next to me, heh.

So we spent the whole weekend shuffling back and forth between home, grandparents and the doctors. Good thing is we got naps both Saturday and Sunday. She is at the evening service with my parents right now as I came home to have my second latte for the day. I may require the use of nighttime meds myself to get to sleep, "Nyquil, take me away!!"


Anonymous said...

Hope she's over that bug soon!

Chinazhoumom said...

Hope she feels better soon!!

Vivian M said...

Get well soon Glenys!