Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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My blog's rated PG because of these: abortion (2x) pissed (1x)

Back here I was rated G. So my blog has now matured but only for the two words you see above. The reason I even mention this is last night we ate dinner with my folks and I showed my mom the recipe that I posted. She looked at it and said, "I saw that somewhere on the computer." She didn't want to make it because she doesn't really like chocolate. I thought we could make it at her house because I knew she would have all the staples it requires.

Later I asked her if she had seen it on my blog and she said she had. Then she said, "I don't really like the language that you use." ?????What????? The language I use? Okay whatever.

So my mom may or may not be stopping by the blog but I will not be watching my language anymore than normal. I try to use stand in words, that is generic, you know generic curse words, heh!

Now we didn't make the cake because she had some awesome brownies (yes chocolate) but with raspberry jelly on top, yum! Only thing that could have made it better would have been a swirl of white chocolate fudge, yum yum!

And between 6:44pm and 10:30pm I took three doses of sudafed. My head feels like nothing but airy cotton. I started getting drainage in my right ear yesterday afternoon. I went home, let the dog out and took the first dose. Then went to mom's to eat supper, got home around 7:30ish. Took the second dose at 7:40ish. Then sometime after 10pmish G, who also has some terrible drainage, woke up choking and coughing, so I got up to give her meds. Since I was up anyway I took the third dose because I knew the second dose would wear off before I woke up and I didn't want that to happen. So I was contemplating staying home when the alarm went off, but G woke up and said it is time to get up. I took another dose this morning before I left work but I feel my ear filling up again.

And do you like all my complex run on sentences? In high school my Sr. English teacher, whom I loathed, told me I write with too many simple sentences. Never mind that the sentences were structurally/gramatically correct; did I mention I loathed her and avoid her now anytime I might happen to see her in public, like at my mom's retirement shindig?

Where was I going with this? Oh yes the airy cotton feeling in my head....


Briana's Mom said...

Hee, hee - I should rate my blog and see what it says.

Mmmm, brownies.

Hope you feel better soon!

Elisa. said...

We have a big snotty cold thing going on in our household to.
Coughing sneezing and did I mention loads of snot...ughh gross.
Hope you feel better soon.

Ellie Monster said...

Your former English teacher can bite you. I give you an A+ simply because you had proper usage of the word "whom." So few people get that correct.
Shit, I'm proud of you! Oops, did I say "bite you"?

Christy said...

Sorry about the airy cotton feeling head-- that is no fun!!

That totally makes me laugh that you have a PG rating on your blog. All because you used those words. That is soooo stupid. I wonder what rating my blog would get. I know I use pissed and crap and in my last post I said drunk and alcohol-- holy cow I may get an R for all that bad language--haha!!

Christy :)

The Byrd's Nest said... didn't think she was reading! You make me laugh Bev!!!

I am praying for your new Sunday school class and maybe soon they will just have to make you Minister of Education! Sounds like they need one!!!!!!!

mommy24treasures said...

your mom is too funny;)
I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Well, Miss Airy Head, I was SHOCKED, absolutely and utterly SHOCKED, I tell you, to learn that MY blog is rated PG 13 of all things. How can that be? I thought if ANYONE had a G rated blog it would be ME!

They nailed me on: "pain" (mentioned five times...don't recall ever mentioning 'pain', but evidently I have...and evidently that is somewhat taboo?); "dangerous" (mentioned 4 times...again, I can't recall WHERE!); "crack" (mentioned two times?...well, they probably thought it was a drug reference, whereas I am fairly certain it was used to describe the hideous chasm that formed in the cake I tried to bake for my oldest daughter's birthday two years ago...TWO YEARS they keep a long record of one's sins!); and finally "gun" (meantioned once...must have been in one of my posts about my recent travels in El Salvador...shoot, I would have thought they would have found ten or twelve references of that sort, just in that small smattering of El Salvador posts...go figure!)

Anyway, I am ashamed to admit my ranking is even poorer than yours. Who knew? I certainly would have never guessed that either of us had blogs that needed restricting!

PS (Better not say much more about your airy head and your sudafed habit or you are liable to pick up an "R" rating!)

Vivian M said...

Hope you feel better real soon. And G is boring, LOL!