Thursday, September 18, 2008

Conversations with G

So the grandparents are out of town again which put a bit of a cramp in our Wed. night routine. I called daycare (which is located in my parents church) and arranged for G to get dinner and go to choir/mission friends without me having to get over there last night. So when I picked her up before mission friends was over I asked if she had dinner and she said she had. I said, "Well what did you eat?"

I expected pizza but she said, "Hambuhrgah."

I said, "You ate hamburger? You don't eat hamburger."

She said, "No, no, no I eated onwee de bwead."

Then we got in the car and she said, "Mama, will you help me to speuhwah (spell) 'I wuv you, Lord'?" So we did. I called out each letter and she wrote it down.

Then she picked other words to spell one of which was "wyin', you know wike when you hit somebody?" (Translation: Lying, like if you hit somebody and lie about it."

Now when she tells me something that I may be suspicious about she says, "And I'm not teasin'."

We had dirty rice the other night (which today is my lunch) but G didn't like the brown stuff in it or rather the darker brown stuff so I ended up having to separate dirty brown from the really dirty brown. And do you know it almost made me sick. Some of that rice looks like little bugs or worms. Check it out. It is not appealing when you are purposely separating it. And now that I am thinking about that, lunch is over.

I have been very good this week (i.e. broke) and have not gone to starbucks not one time. I have the instant coffee I accidentally purchased, my blueberry and vanilla creamer and sweetner for an afternoon treat. I won't say this will be a permanent situation or at least I hope not but for now it is saving me money.


Marla said...

I love conversations with little ones. Good luck on saving money, so very hard for me to do.

AZMom said...

We had brown rice the other night and I agree some of them look like bugs.

Your conversations with her are so dang cute!