Sunday, September 28, 2008

Conversations With G

G is "writing" me messages and bringing them to me to read. I make up something I want the message to say liek how much I love her or she loves me. Once though I handed it back and asked her to read it to me, she said, "Mom, you know I can't weed."

On the way to the doctor yesterday she fell asleep in the car waking up only when I stopped at the light. She said, "I felled asweep. I need a bed to tate a nap."

At the doctor's office in the bathroom, me: "Did your poopy hurt?" (It is very hard balls usually and has always been). G: "Nope it comed out slicky and smooth."

I forgot to mention that G has molluscom contagiosum. Anybody know what that is? The best I can determine is that it is a virus that is very unpredictable and looks like whiteish clear blisters that just pop up. The doc wasn't going to do anything about it unless they become a nuisance or pop up in a bigger cluster on her body. So I got on line and found that it is from the small pox vaccine, can be very painful (thankfully G's spots are not) and can take years to go away. My mom thankfully purchased for us zymaderm, online, that combines tea tree oils, other things and iodine which is what the CDC claims is the best treatment for molluscom contagiosum.

The thing about it is I watched the progression of G's spots and can tell which popped first and last and they are growing in number on her. I am afraid they will cluster or get on her face or something. They don't bother her right now but one on her arm is being bothered by clothing because what started out as a light white spot/bump is now fire engine red looking irritated. There is not a lot of info about it by the way.


Susan said...

You can't imagine how excited I was to see the title of this post. I love me some "conversations with Glenys." Your sweet girl CRACKS ME UP! Please, please keep writing these down. Not only will your readers appreciate it, but you'll definitely be glad you have a record of them years from now. Thanks for the smile.

I hope her skin gets better really soon. Yikes!

laurel said...

She is so cute. I can't believe the things she says. She really is a thinker. I bet you are laughing all the time. My 3 older kids have all had molluscum. Our dermatologist said it is very common and is a virus that takes a year to run its course. My son got it so bad on his legs that he treated those. It was painful. My daughter has it on her arms, we are just letting it go. Not as bad as my son's. I hope Glenys's don't get bad.

Vivian M said...

I am so sorry to hear that Glenys has Molluscum. I hope she recovers quickly and it doesn't bother her that much.
Her conversations are adorable. I think you will both laugh when you look back years from now and read the things she says!

AZMom said...

busy boy has those molescums (or however you spelled it) but his went away after a treatment of this blister type medication. I love her little conversations with you. You could probably write a book about it. :-)

Christy said...

Interesting??? That virus sounds interesting but hopefully it will not spread-- keep us informed. It is scary all the funky things that are out there that kids can get into. Anyway, I love the conversation today. Especially the slick and smooth poop-- that is just hillarious!! I wish Mia had the rabbit poop- little balls but unfortuanly she is squishy and slick all the time-- TMI-- sorry!!

Christy :)