Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do You Remember? 9/11 I DO

7 years have passed. 7 years of war in the middle east. 7 years of verbal attacks on the US some from the inside. 7 years of going on with our own lives. 7 years of soldiers going back and forth to Iraq/Afghanistan. 7 years of death. 7 years of family members of the soldiers living with their own loss or never knowing when the soldier will be deployed or how long they will be gone. 7 years of PTSD in our soldiers who are returning.

But we have also gone 7 years without an act of terror on our soil while Britain has had at least 2 and Spain has had one and France has been threatened and The Netherlands have seen a great artist killed. Because of our soldiers taking the war back to the land where it was birthed, we have had 7 years of no attacks like the one on 9/11/01.

Let us not ever forget those whose lives were taken that day for no other reason than extremist Muslims hating the US as a collective whole. I remember the day.

I was on my way to a dental appointment from a chiropractic appointment. The first plane hit while I was in the chiropractor's office. The buildings collapsed while I was at the dentist. I remember driving to the dental office thinking "this is the end." Where I was the sun was shining. I was just in total confusion and felt so alone. That day really struck me and gave me pain to think of being single, I had know one to go to.

I called my mom and she pointed out that this day didn't take God by surprise and He was still in the glories. He would use that day to His glory and I believe he did though all of the stories didn't surface. I also remember thinking how grateful I was that Pres. Bush was in office instead of Clinton or John Kerry or whoever else he defeated the first time.

I remember the stories coming from NY and Pennsylvania and DC. Our world totally changed. Our safety has not been sure since. But we have not had an attack on our soil since that day and I pray that we will not anytime soon.

To all the men and women who were first responders and worked at ground zero to rescue, heal and organize, thank you. To the families of those who were lost, I will not forget. To the soldiers who are keeping us safe, thank you. To the families of those same soldiers, thank you for your sacrifice. For all of the intelligence agencies here and abroad, thank you for your time and efforts to keep us safe.

And please remember especially if you bash our country or our president, it is because a soldier is sacrificing his life for you to use those freedoms to speak out your complaints and praises. Without those who willingly join our volunteer military, no one would have the freedom to make choices, comments, or decisions. And remember in November to vote because we are free to make a decision about who will govern over us all because a US soldier has gone to serve.


Anonymous said...

And, unfortunately, we are in a war we started. Again. Unlike other Industrialized countries, we have initiated 3 wars.

Vivian M said...

I will never forget the first - and last- day of my honeymoon. I lost several friends and co-workers that day. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families, friends, survivors, victims and heroes of 9/11.
I do not share your respect for Bush, I was appalled at his reaction when the planes hit, and every action he has taken since. History will remember him as the worst president ever. I am glad I did not vote for him, and am saddened at what he has done to the US, the economy, and the needless loss of human life in a war that was unfounded. The "terrorist" Osama Bin Laden is still free, while we are at war in Iraq over what - weapons of mass destruction that never existed? Shame on him.

Livin' out loud said...

I remember. I hope we never forget.

Regina said...

My husband is a soldier.
I wish everyone who had negative comments about the war would first ask some soldiers what they think about the people they are over there to protect.