Friday, September 05, 2008

A Few Updates

These pics have absolutely nothing to do with the post today.

After my car's power steering went out the mechanic found something about the ball bearings something or other needed to be tended to. So my parents loaned me their car again and put mine in the shop. It got released today to the tune of $1200. Something about the axel something or other almost worn through. I guess I was heading to a great wreck if the power steering hadn't gone out. Isn't that just the way? Something little helps to find something big?

I have no idea how the helk I will pay my parents back. I mean I am already maxed to the limits on my spending plan anyway. May be that Santa won't be coming around here this year. I will be saving every extra thing for the Tulsa in June blog union that I am very excited about!!

Then there is the whole eye drop update I need to do. After being given a prescription for an eye drop that costs over $100 all in response to G wanting a wash rag on her eyes every night, one night G said the wash rag was stupid and hasn't slept with it since. It had only been like 3 days since that doctor visit too, heh. I am really glad I didn't buy the Rx now. She totally didn't need the rags and totally hates drops. It seems it was all another ploy to stay awake at night.

Anyway this is just some of the unfinished updates I needed to do.


amy said...

you take awesome pics

Monica said...

The cat photos are hilarious!

Sounds like your daughter takes after my youngest... I have LEARNED (after millions of wasted dollars on a needless Emergency Room visit followed up with expensive consultation with an orthopedic specialist...multiple X-rays and a totally unneeded (expensive) little blue designer brace) to IGNORE her howls of agony and assertions of trauma UNLESS I can see the BONE jutting through the skin. Seriously. My youngest can psycho-somatize so well that it leaves seasoned doctors scratching their heads, worrying they may have missed something afterall. Nope...they didn't miss anything...and when Little Miss Rayna decided she was tired of having an injured arm, it was instantly good as new.

You are so fortunate you hadn't bought the golden eye drops yet!

Elisa. said...

Just when you think you are in a scrape fiancially usually something comes up and helps just in time it always happens to us.

ps, love the piccys of your cat!

Vicki said...

Hi Beveraly. It's Vicki in China adopting little Emily.
Just know that I remembered YOUR story about attachment issues w/your little doll. Your father, the whole 9 yards. It's hard to comprehend w/out experiencing it to some degree, but I totally get what you have said either the day I met you at the CHI seminar in Nashville nearly 3 years ago...or what I've read on your blog. You are so wise with great insight. Better than a book. Ha. Thanks so much...we'll get better. Today was a great day. Vicki


Hugs to you!!! Sometimes stuff gets out of control...ugh!!!
My little drama can play up any ingury! ugh!
Hang in there.....hug your baby! (Glenys, not the car!!!)

love ~ cyn and delaney