Monday, September 22, 2008

G and The Weekend

G told me yesterday that she was a "Superstar". Translation: Super hero because she is good at "fighted." Then this morning she told me she was still a "Rockstar."

Saturday, we headed to a cousin's home because said cousin has a little girl little over a year older than G and we get "new" clothes from her. She is so kind. Plus the clothes we get sometimes still have the tags on them and they are two seasons or so ahead. This cousin's mother is extremely wealthy and pours the cash in clothing for this granddaughter. G gets to wear Ralph Lauren stuff as well as some brands I have never heard of. Our sweet cousin sometimes only gets to wear things once because she has literally so much stuff. For me it is all good.

Anyway in this haul were a pair of PJs and a T-shirt all with "Hannah Ontanna." G was beyond thrilled, not that she knows who "hannah ontanna" is. But she did get to see her sing because said cousin played a video while G was over Sat. Oh and G is "as tall as hannah ontanna. Did you know that mom?" G was squealing with glee over getting to wear her shirt today and the jams for the last two nights.

I now have the daunting task of getting the clothes put up and stored until she can wear them. I need to go back through them to make sure everything she can wear now is accessible. I mean that is three black garbage bags of clothes!! And we have a new zip jacket, dress coat and a few winter coats that were desperately needed. I think I will still have to buy new shoes for G because I can't find the shoes she gave us last time (in the house somewhere) and the ones this time are too big. G is still wearing flip flops though right now, heh.


Bill said...

f clothes, I blessed enough to have two older boys feeding Acer stuff, and I just found out friends are having a boy, so now I can pass stuff on again.
Heather BT

Vivian M said...

I love hand me downs. We hand down all of Kerri's clothes. And we are very lucky that Kerri's BFF Erin is two years older and hands down some of her pretty clothes to Kerri.
What size shoes is Glenys using now?

Donna said...

Sometimes I can't even find the clothes to pass from one daughter to the other. My girls can't share shoes: one has extremely narrow feet and the other has wide feet.