Saturday, September 27, 2008

G Conversations

Last night G said something about God then she said, "Mama, Jesus is God."

I said, "You are so right baby."

As reported to me by my mother who heard this: G, in response to the mother earth theme of Noggin, "Uh Unh, Grammie, God made the earth and holds it in His hands." That a way baby girl!!

Last night in bed, I called Clementine, my dog, "goose" which is also what I call G so I said, "boy I have lots of gooses at this house."

To which G started naming them, "Clementine, Simon, Abigail, Me and blankie."

The other morning after drinking all of her milk, "I made a happy cup."
Me: "I know baby. That is really good."
G: "Yeah when I drink all my milk, it will help me turn five faster faster."
Me: "Umm nope baby, you will be 5 on April 22 no sooner." (laughing to myself)

G: "No mommy, when I drink my milk it helps me be 5 now."


The Princess's Mommy said...

Don't you just wonder where they come up with this stuff? She is too cute!


Anonymous said...

Bless her heart! It is HARD waiting to grow up and turn five!!!

Vivian M said...

I think Glenys is ready to be 5 now!
Love the conversations, please keep sharing them.

The Byrd's Nest said...

She is so precious...I can almost hear her voice when I read these! I LOVE her conversations...really...I mean it!

I think you may have a little theologian on your hands! She knows more than alot of big people I know!

Doug and Terrye said...

You go girl!!! Making sure she has her theology down pat :)

Terrye in FL