Friday, September 05, 2008

I <3 David Limbaugh

"If I were an aspiring sexist or racist -- God forbid -- yet still cared what people thought about me, I'd make sure I became a conspicuous liberal. I'd also make sure my targets were conservative. That's the ticket to immunity for all kinds of outrageous conduct and statements.

"If you are a liberal darling, like Bill Clinton was for a decade and a half, you can exploit, abuse and sexually harass women and still be considered a champion of women's rights. When you're his equally leftist wife, you can be the commander in chief of bimbo eruptions, obliterate your husband's victims' characters, and be celebrated as a feminist icon.

"If you're a liberal icon like Jimmy Carter, you can refer to Barack Obama as a "black boy" without anyone batting an eye. If you're a liberal like Joe Biden, you can "praise" Obama as clean and articulate or joke about Indians and Dunkin Donuts' with barely a whisper of disapproval from the monolithically liberal mainstream media.

"If you're a liberal cartoonist like Ted Rall, you can caption Condoleezza Rice as the president's "House Nigga." If you're a liberal talk show host like Sly Sylvester, you can refer to her as Aunt Jemima. And when conservatives demand an apology, you can say: "It is with a heavy heart that I apologize this morning to Aunt Jemima. She wasn't a self-serving hack politician who got up in front of Congress and lied." And the quickest path to the top of the liberal class is to ridicule Justice Clarence Thomas.

"So when it comes to the liberals' treatment of Sarah Palin, it's business as usual -- and then some.

"For the past three decades, these guardians of the sacred codes of political correctness have been lecturing us about the patronizing treatment of women, telling us that any whiff of disparaging or discriminatory innuendo is evidence of full-blown sexism and actionable in the court of public opinion.

"Yet when Sarah Palin comes along and injects her pretty conservative countenance into the public square, she and her family are immediately fair game for the liberal talking class.

"They can violate every last one of their strictures against sexism with liberal fraternal impunity. It's so striking that a casual observer, unaware of the liberal penchant for double standards and an absence of self-reflection, might think he were witnessing satire. Surely, liberals wouldn't openly embarrass themselves with such contradictory behavior.

"But sadly, they are dead serious, and their mission is to destroy Sarah Palin, whom they recognize as a threat to their grandiose plans for the coming political order under Barack Obama.
"Their abandonment of their own rules and their abject nastiness will continue to rise in direct proportion to their growing (and justified) fear of the formidability of Sarah Palin, who has scared their pants (and pantsuits) off.

"They've savagely attacked her 17-year-old daughter, even spreading vicious slanders that she is actually the mother of Sarah's fifth child, contradicting their edicts about the sanctity of the private lives of public officials and their families, let alone basic decency and civility.

"They've condemned Sarah for shirking her motherly duties because of her career commitments, breaking an untold number of commandments from the feminist code of conduct.

"After she delivered a phenomenal convention speech, they rushed to inform viewers she couldn't possibly have written it -- something I've never heard about any other orator in the wake of such a barnburner. Do they think she's just too pretty to have come up with those lines on her own?

"How about their mindless mantra about her lack of national security experience and her failure to address that concern in her speech? Do you recall any such concerns about presidential candidate Obama, who has no more national security experience than she does?

"And they were all beside themselves with how mean, sniping and nasty her barbs against Obama were, wholly ignoring, of course, Obama's strident assaults on John McCain.

"But even more pointed was their condescendingly phony concern that Palin, despite her speech home run, wouldn't be able to survive the coming week of press scrutiny without a teleprompter. This was most noticeable from the pundits on MSNBC, which I watched to protect myself from overdosing on post-speech euphoria. Andrea Mitchell was practically badgering interviewees to confess their fear of Palin's inevitable implosion.

"Could this be their subconscious recognition that Obama gives a whale of a speech but is a fish out of water without his teleprompter and their projection of the latter deficiency onto Palin?
Is there any evidence that Palin has no savvy or substance without her script? Quite the contrary. But again, have you ever heard them acknowledging Obama's notable deficiencies away from his teleprompter, of which we have actual evidence, as opposed to their stereotype-based expectations concerning Palin? Maybe it's that pretty thing again. So much for breaking glass ceilings."

End Limbaugh Article

Someone told me how much she despises Palin for dragging (exact quote:"To me, dragging your child and her teenage pregnancy out to become international news is inexcusable. A parent’s first priority is to protect her/his children.") her daughter through the media. Even pointing out she is a bad mother for not staying home and taking care of the disabled child. What was forgotten in the comment was that the media was going to drag the 17 year old through the mud anyway, and Palin didn't tell the media she only told the McCain campaign because she knew that the media would use it against her and they have. And this commenter is a liberal (in her defense she claims she would also say the same thing if Palin were a man but I seriously doubt it since Biden's son is in all kinds of trouble and he is okay to be VP). But she doesn't see in herself this anti-feminist attitude regarding Palin.

Hillary Clinton did not raise her daughter. Her dad did. Bill was in the White House because of Hillary and no one else. It was her political ambitions that drove him. Chelsea even called her dad to pick her up from school when he was president because her mom was too busy. She was in elementary school then. HMMM, the President of the US is less busy than the First Lady and must ten to their daughter at school.

It is just a shame that the liberals are so scared of such a strong conservative woman like Palin. She really is someone we can all rally behind except that she is a woman and a mother and should be home raising her kids.


Anonymous said...

It is sad that there is such a double standard out there. The good thing, is that I think more and more of the public at large is beginning to notice that there is a double standard...bit by bit...

It isn't just conservative women that are shredded by the media, but, every bit as much so, black conservatives. Watch how horribly black conservative politicians (yes, there are some out there) are treated by those supposedly seeking to elevating the position of black people in America. Turns out that you aren't considered truly "black" if you are conservative. Maybe that is the way the feminists see Palin...not truly a WOMAN since she is CONSERVATIVE.

If you aren't liberal, you are a paraiah in the eyes of the mainstream media and many of the "intellectuals" in our country. That is sad. To be anything more than a "closet conservative" requires swimming upstream against the current of our culture. ...and those who will pay the highest price are conservative women and conservative blacks.

Anonymous said...

Amen!! I agree. If Palin were a man, who happened to have children at home, it wouldnt even be an "issue." I am so over it!! Loved your post and I love David Limbaugh as well.


Christy said...

I totally agree. This is such an amazing double standard. It is amazing that the woman who yell sexism are emitting phenominal sexism themselves. Just blow me away each time i see one of those pink woman protesting or saying some sort of lie about palin. It just turns my stomach.

Christy :)