Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Am Stealing This From A Blog

Mom and Dad, I trust you got our email. If not, I am so sorry you are reading this on the blog. We are sending you our hotel number and Charlie has inserted the China sim card. We can call you but we need to set a time. Email us a time. Or Charlie said to use Rod's cell phone to call us on our hotel number. He has international calling.Today has been the hardest day of our lives. We met our daughter in a dank, dirty, filthy hospital in China. She is very sick. She is dying. We need many miracles to get her home to Vanderbilt.This morning, we got up so excited and we went to the Civil Affairs Office knowing nothing. We believe Rosa, our agency guide, knew that she had been taken to the hospital yesterday. We are not certain, but she told us as we were leaving yesterday that she would call us after we "met An Yanwen." She told no one else that in our group. It was extremely hard to watch the other 20 or so families receiving their children and no one ever came with An Yanwen. Finally, after what seemed like hours and many tears, Jerry, our local guide, told us that she was in the hospital and too sick to come to meet us. Then they told us we could see her in a few days. Well the Mama Bear in me welled up and I said to Jerry, "Let ME! talk to the director now." And so we did and Jerry translated. This was actually an assistant director, very young, and she took us almost immediately to the hospital.The following two photos were actually taken by the orphanage assistant director. They must have taken 20 or 30 photos of us with An Yanwen. Just candid shots. Very strange really. I don't know what they will do with them. So they were taking some with their digital camera and then she saw ours and just picked it up and snapped these. Cindy got a few others but we don't have anyway to download them to the computer.We cried and prayed the whole way there. About 20 minutes. Though there were policemen everywhere not letting anyone come in, we walked right in with the Asst. Director. They were all there, the asst. director, the director (older lady), the "Vice Director" over the whole province (a stern man), and her nanny. When we walked in the room, they were showing An Yanwen to a group of medical students. They would not let us near her. Well I am 4 foot 11 inches and all of about 95 lbs. and I finally just shoved my way right in there past all of them. I will say after that the main director seemed to really respect me. I held her hand and her Ayi (nanny) came over and was telling her I was her Mama. She was very alert and just kept looking at me. She had this plastic bubble thing over her head. Mimi, Charlie's Mom and an RN, said this was good. Very antiquated for US standards but still good.Let's see. So many thoughts. We prayed over her silently all the time. God was with us in that disgusting place. The orphanage staff kept hugging me and taking kleenex to wipe the tears off my cheeks. They kept telling An Yanwen how much we love her. We literally "negotiated" with them in the hallway numerous times. We had major breakthroughs with all of them. IT IS VERY CLEAR THEY LOVE HER VERY MUCH. I have to say that. They were very, very kind to us. They kept asking us if we were still sure we wanted to adopt her. They made us wait about 3 hours to do the paperwork because they wanted to be sure we were not going to change our mind. Of that we are certain. All at once their demeanor changed and they just kept thanking us for coming from America to give her a good life. It is all very strange how things work here. We all know she needs what the Chinese medical staff here in Kunming can't give her, yet they seem to be hesitant to help us get her home. We worry about the in-china flights. Yesterday's was very HOT, low oxygen and smoking in first class. We felt like we were in a sardine can. Cindy almost got sick but finally fell asleep. I felt very faint and Charlie was just trying to keep us both from losing it. We worry how Susannah could make it in that environment. Her oxygen levels are in the 60s to 90s with oxygen. Her fingers and toes have clubbed, which means she is in serious cardiac distress. Maybe even failure. This was better when we left. We convinced them to take off some of the layers and to raise the head of her bed as they had her lying completely flat. Not good. Oh, she is so smart. Left-handed! just like her brother Jackson. She LOVES the travel magna doodle and was actually drawing Chinese characters on it. She kept drawing them and showing us the characters. She loved the beads too and her ayi put some around her neck. She kept playing with them. Actually she loved everything I had in her little panda backpack, including the backpack. She played with the little people doll we brought too. Oh, we had not taken the little photo album we made with her family's photos in it, but Charlie had some in his wallet. She was mesmerized with the photo of the boys. Her ayis and the director LOVED the boys' blonde hair, and they kept telling her they were her jie jies (big brothers). She kept looking at the little wallet-sized family photo and then us. Her ayi would tell her every time she looked at the photo, "Mama, Baba" and point at us.When we first got there, she was in real distress. Very labored breathing and upset. All of these medical students were around her bed, tons of covers, no AC, and she was sweating. After a few minutes, I spoke very boldly and curtly to the asst. director and asked her to clear the room. And she did! I felt totally at peace as I was continually asking God to speak through me and to me. I asked Him to speak to my spirit about the imaginary line I should not cross as we are in a foreign country where we have no rights. I did most of the talking as the directors (the two women) seemed to want to speak to me and not Charlie. He was there and listening as was the Vice Director for the whole province (also a man).I cannot say enough how God is holding us up. And how He is speaking through our hearts to the hearts of the Chinese officials who we must respect and work with. They told us through our guide that they "want to work together with us for An Yanwen."OK, here are the prayer requests flat out:1. We need to get her to the US ASAP. (this is going to require God-sized mountain moving) We need to get her out of China.2. We need the local police to expedite her Chinese Visa. Normally we would be required to go there with her to take photos and they take one of her. (The orphanage director is there now "negotiating" with them to allow a photo of us in the hospital and one of her in the hospital to suffice. MAJOR BIG DEAL. Never been done accd. to orphanage director and our guide. Again, only God moving in the hearts of these people.) This normally takes about 5-6 days 3. We need her to be stable enough to move.4. We need the quack of a doctor at the hospital to let us take her. (She was the only chinese person who was mean, inconsiderate and rude. She has to sign off on her release. Her teeth are black, she smokes and knows nothing about Susannah's heart though she tried to say she is an "expert." She didn't even use her stethoscope.)5. We need God to literally carry Susannah on the wings of angels home, for her pulse ox to stay in the 70s or above. Her pulse ox was varying between 60 % and 90 % while we were there. Thankfully we brought a pulse-oximeter with us thanks to some friends from church. They did not even have one on her when we got there. It should be in the 70 % range accd. to Dr. L in order for us to bring her home on the plane.6. That we can have a supernatural peace; it is very hard to leave her in that hospital but right now we have no other options. We desperately want to just close our eyes and be at Vanderbilt.Our local guides have been wonderful and the ones from Beijing. We called AWAA emergency number and they basically said we are on our own until we get that Chinese Visa as they can do nothing from their end until we get that. We are being told Friday and then we need to get her out of that hospital. I think we could care for her better here if we just had oxygen. We are all going to start on our antibiotics as the place was full of sick people, coughing, vomiting, etc. There were 6 children in one room where Susannah was. One with a head injury, one with blood coming out of his mouth and nose, the others we are not sure. We are not sure if we will get to go back to the hospital tonight or not. The nighttime is critical for her. As we told her good-bye, we tried to believe God will sustain her through the night. She is precious and we love her very much. If she is not to stay on this earth, we desperately long to be there holding her. They would not let me hold her yet though I asked several times.It is a very scary time. We cannot get into the hospital without the orphanage staff or our guide who is assisting around 20 other families. We are very grateful to have Cindy with us; she also has some "Grandmama Bear" instincts and the medical knowledge to go with it. She made some "gentle yet firm" demands and they did put a pulse-ox reader on her toes though it did not appear to be working properly. When the doctors would come in, Susannah would just cry and cry. Of course she reached out for her ayi, but that made me feel good because she is there with her and I cannot be. Her ayi was very comforting and we witnessed her doing very sweet things when she did not know we were looking. When we were in the hallway and such so we think this is how she was truly responding to her. She obviously loves her very much. She is an older lady.Send us your encouragement. We need it. I will add two photos we have from the hospital.UPDATE as of 6 p.m. in Kunming: We got a call from our guide Jerry that we needed to come downstairs and go with him to the Police Station. He said if the notary (like a judge in the US) could see us and see her, then maybe she would do the passport with the photos the director took in the hospital. Well it turned out to be a big waste of time. She said we must bring An Yanwen down there in person with us and we are to do it on Thursday.So we left and went back to the hospital for a "very few minutes" (we promised the orphanage director this). She was sleeping and her ayi was with her. So we stayed a few minutes and then left.Cindy said she snuck a peak at a chest Xray that was lying on the bed. She said her lungs looked very bad; this is a horrible sign. We are sitting in a hotel room in China very discouraged and feeling hopeless.The Scripture verse found in Luke 1:37 "For nothing will be impossible with God" is VERY REAL for us right now. The situation is basically hopeless. I want to add a prayer request: If God is going to take her home, then PLEASE God let us be there with her, holding her in our arms--even if that means in a dank and dirty hospital in China. "

This family may not leave China with their child. Please pray for all of them and the Chinese authorities to help them get her home.


Vivian M said...

This is heartbreaking and I hope that little child gets the medical help she needs quickly and makes it home. I will pray for her and her family who is in China with her. So sad.

Christy said...

I just read this on the actual persons blog and I was just in tears. I am sooooo praying for this little girl. My heart breaks for them and I am just praying they lean on God and that He gives them strength. Thanks for posting this.

Christy :)

Sharon said...

I am praying hard!! Man!

Also Glenys looks so adorable on the blue slides!!!!

Heather said...

Prayers going up.
Is this a private blog? can you post the link.
Heather BT

mommy24treasures said...

I found this earlier and have been praying...

The Princess's Mommy said...

Praying and praying for this family. So sad.

I love the blue slide pics! Glenys is adorable as always!