Monday, September 29, 2008

I Made A Terrible Mistake

And looked up the molluscum virus on the CDC website. Ugh! We are apparently doing everything wrong. We are supposed to cover them with clothing or watertight bandaids when in public. Oh well.

And I think I have it on my hands. I thought the blister things were more like poison ivy bumps that never went away. Now I know I have the stuff on my hands too. Not sure if I gave it to her or she to me. Never mind now. We will get them all taken care of soon enough with the internet order.

CDC is kind of scary to look stuff up since it give all the worst case stuff. Yucky pics and all. Oh and this virus is not just for kids. It is also growing in the US but is not kept up with since it seems to be benign. It can last up to 4 years but is usually run its course in 6 to 12 months.

I decided to give G a day off and help her get more rest so we stayed home today. I am working from home too. The Monday after payroll week for me is pretty slow so I don't feel very guilty though I heard a rumor that more heads are on the chopping block. I really want G to get over this cough without catching something else. And I know parents take their kids to daycare with low grade fevers, I am not the only one.

I am planning to take a nap with her today too. I forgot to take a shower this morning though and I feel kind of gross. I know TMI. I just got dressed and set the computer up instead of doing as I normally do. We are currently watching Blue's Clues and eating pizza and pesto noodles. It is such a lovely day but sans shower we will be staying in the house!! G made this a pajama day.


Lauri said...

That often can spread in daycares ? or sharing hand towels?

Get better soon

Vivian M said...

I hope you both get well soon. And working from home is great, if you can get the cat off your keyboard!

AZMom said...

Hope everyone is better soon! Ya, the skin thing is really contagious. Hopefully hers heal up soon.