Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Gotta Whine

Usually on Wed. my dad picks G up, eats dinner with her at the church and takes her to Mission friends. Last week when my dad was out of town on a Wed. night I arranged for G to be taken by the daycare director to the choir kids at the church for dinner then on to Mission Friends. That worked so well but I thought, and told the director, it would be a one time thing.

Little did I know that my dad was going to be in Texas for the Ike clean up/help out stuff this week. So being pro-active I asked a mom of one of the kids in G's class who also happens to work at the church and run the kids choir if she could grab G and take her to choir kids for supper etc. If I had picked G up she would have missed mission friends and I really like her to go. This mom said of course she would no problem. Now this was Monday night I asked her.

Wed. I pick G up and ask her what she had for dinner. She said, "Nuffin'." I said, "Why didn't you eat?"  Well, come to find out the mom forgot, didn't pick her up. I have no recourse because technically I don't have this person as a pick up on the chart though she works for the church where the daycare is located and knows/is friends with the director having a child in the class. Also, the school has my phone number so if there was a problem I could have been reached. I asked G what she did. She stayed in her room that she attends for school and for mission friends with one of the teachers. I had no idea my child didn't get picked up and was left alone.

I was furious at the mom and at myself for trusting her. I called my mom, who was also out of town, and asked if this mom is usually flighty like that. She said that she is known to be. UGH!! I was so hurt for G because she had no dinner and no kid to hang out with for at least 45 mins. And it bothers me that the daycare crew didn't call me either. But again I don't feel like I can do anything because I went through different channels. No worry, won't do that again. Ended up feeding G when she got home and let her stay up later out of my own guilt!


Kelley said...

Ugh! I would have been so mad too! I hope that you do confront that mom...just because it was HORRIBLE of her to forget and leave your little girl there all by herself. Poor Glenys.

Briana's Mom said...

Poor Glenys!! I can't believe that mom promised you she would help you out and then didn't do it. What is wrong with people????

Nicole said...

What a tough situation to be in. I would have been so totally frustrated too! I just don't understand some people!