Thursday, September 04, 2008

NOBAMA- And Other Ramblings

"The troop surge in Iraq has been more successful than anyone could have imagined, Barack Obama conceded Thursday in his first-ever interview on FOX News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.”
As recently as July, the Democratic presidential candidate declined to rate the surge a success, but said it had helped reduce violence in the country. On Thursday, Obama acknowledged the 2007 increase in U.S. troops has benefited the Iraqi people.

'I think that the surge has succeeded in ways that nobody anticipated,” Obama said while refusing to retract his initial opposition to the surge. “I’ve already said it’s succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.'"

Guess what? The current administration knew. The military leaders over there in Iraq knew. The Iraqi people and their leaders knew!! What is NOBAMA talking about "nobody anticipated"? BS if they didn't know they wouldn't have requested it. Military leaders do not get to be leaders without counting the costs and analyzing the potentials. Oh and they can read current situations better than NOBAMA can too!! Again, what change is this idiot going to bring? Higher taxes? check! Bigger government? check! More abortion rights? check! The end of DOMA? check!! NOBAMA NOBAMA NOBAMA!! CHECK!!

And can I just say, "WOW, on Palin"? I mean she rocks. And how about we leave ye ole double standard at home when talking about her or her 17 year old daughter. Palin only told the McCain folks about her daughter because she knew the media (who loves NOBAMA) would find out and do just as they are doing now. She didn't tell the the name of the father of the baby. She wasn't going to mention his name but his name was reported in the media.

Palin apparently doesn't have to do anything to be disliked except being a successful woman. Where are the feminists to support her? Palin has to address her family now, every bit of it, if she didn't the media will do as they have already done calling it "babygate"?!?!?! Come on, PUHLEEEEAAASE!!

And who thinks abstinence failed? Obviously the daughter didn't practice it. She may have even used a condom as she was taught to do in school sex ed. Who knows? I suggest the culture in which we lived failed her by not helping her stand up for herself, by not promoting a healthy self image for women, and in not helping her to feel that she is worth more than just sex. I mean look at the women in media? Very few if any are anything other than sex objects. And if they are powerful then the women are portrayed as evil or bit*ches! If they are good then they are portrayed as stepford wives.

Abstinence doesn't not teach sex ed. It specifically points out what happens during sex and specifically encourages to abstain. Telling a kid not to do something but then providing the means to do that something is very contradictory and confusing. I mean I can tell G not to smoke pot all day but then to turn around and say, "Well, you are going to try it anyway so here are your papers and let me show you how to choose the best pot and roll it correctly. But don't do it, okay?" What do you think she would do hearing that message?

I am so excited about Palin. I think this will be a historic election in that it will be the first time a president has won based on the VP. Of course if the media types like US Weekly has its way Palin will be too ashamed to step out of her governor's mansion forcing her back to being barefoot and preggers in the kitchen!!


Anonymous said...

I am so encouraged that Palin is on the ticket! I don't think she could have possibly responded better than she did last night at the about grace under fire! ...I would be extremely surprised if the mainstream media doesn't attack her viciously and mercilessly and endlessly throughout the entire campaign ahead...but, I think they have met their match. She is not going to shrivel up...she's more liable to fight all the harder, emboldened even more the harder they attack. I think the liberal leaning media have finally met their match in Sarah Palin!!!

AZMom said...

Yeah McCain/Palin! Her speech last night ROCKED!

Ellie Monster said...

Time out... you know where to get good pot??? ;)
(I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself)