Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pics, a Video, and a Little Story

This is G coloring last night. Then there is Simon who was a little frisky and climbed in the dirty clothes basket.

Then there is the birthday cake for me and my niece who turns 12 on the 16th.

Then is the video of the singing of the birthday song. My mom is on the far right of the frame with G and my niece who were blowing out the candles.
Notice my mom sings the wrong name? She looks at me, who is behind the camera, waiting for me to correct her I guess. She had 4 kids, two of each, and she has trouble keeping us straight. Then add the 6 grandkids in the mix and well, what's in a name?

Now it is time for a little story. After joining the Methodist church I decided I needed to get more involved so I started looking for a Sunday school class to attend. The first one I attended I knew a few people so I felt comfortable until two things happened. The first was when one of the members said, "Well, remember the stories in the bible were passed down from person to person so we really can't be sure what is true or not." I think my mouth flew open and fell half way to my knees.

Then the second happened in the same class on a different day when a teacher (they took turns) who had been assigned a character study on Barnabas came in and said she couldn't find anything on him other than he traveled with Paul?!?!?!?! I was thinking very loudly in my head, "ARE YOU SERIOUS? THE SON OF ENCOURAGEMENT AND YOU COULDN'T FIND ANYTHING ON HIM?" I taught myself that morning in my head thinking of all the things about Barnabas in the Bible while she taught wrong facts about John.

So after those two incidents I decided I needed something new. Well a new class did open but had no teacher. I decided to volunteer until someone else came along. Anyway, this isn't about my prowess as a teacher because honestly anyone can teach if they have the resources and time to study.

We, as a class, agreed to supply coffee for the class. I volunteered to bring the coffee because I had plenty of the Tim Horton's to share. But while I was at the grocery store I saw the perfect coffee for a Sunday school class: Community Coffee in a jar with a sealing twist top that would keep the coffee fresh-ish during the week. I also thought by buying this I wouldn't have to share the Tim Horton's.

Well, during the week I got a bit selfish and decided I wanted to keep the community coffee and switch it for the Tim Horton's because I like the community coffee a wee bit better than the Tim Horton's. So last night in the midst of my switching I realized that the community coffee was instant coffee. Of course I realize it after I open it. So I ended up giving my Tim Horton's to the class anyway (some of it in a Tupperware container to keep fresh). And due to a time change in class schedule (from summer to winter) only two of us were there this morning anyway. Oh well, another week to study and prepare the next lesson.

Now I am stuck with community instant coffee which is okay but not like real coffee. You know what I mean? Lesson learned: quit being selfish.


Heather said...

Kids and grand Kids names - heck, Some days I'm lucky if I don't add the Dogs' names into the mix of our crowd of 6 cousins when they visit! Love the fact that these things get so garbled in our brains, always makes me laugh. I can remember thousands of botanical names, but people names, they get mixed up in the stress of the moment.
Heather BT

Anonymous said...

I'm not a coffee drinker myself, and have never even heard of Tim Horton's (sounds like a Dr. Seuss character!). The other members on the medical team that I traveled to El Salvador with last month absolutely had a fit over a particular local brand of coffee. In fact, they bought out every bag that the little airport coffee kiosk had in stock on our way out of the country. Hopefully, you can buy more Tim Horton's...the folks in our group were lamenting that they wouldn't be able to get another "fix" of the brand they had grown addicted to until we return to El Salvador next year.

laurel said...

Great party. I have to admit I have mixed up a name or too in my day. I think it comes with age or with stress. Maybe both. Great story.

Vivian M said...

Now, now...Tim Horton was a pretty famous hockey player in Canada who opened a chain of shops called Tim Horton's, and they are a mix of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. There are more Timmies here than any other coffee shop (one on every corner) and they sell the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted!
So after reading this post I am not sure if you like the coffee enough for me to send you more? I have a package to send to Glenys anyway and it would not cost that much to throw another can in (and my feelings won't be hurt if you really don't like Tim Horton's coffee).
Let me know!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I never call my own children by their right names and I'm only 45!

So sorry about your Sunday school class. I personally love Barnabus the encourager! But good for you for stepping up and being a teacher!