Monday, September 22, 2008

Susannah Goes Home!

True miracle of miracles, baby girl Susannah gets to go home!! Read it here and continue to pray. This little girl's journey really does just begin. She will have to have several major surgeries to correct her heart problems and her cleft lip/palette. But she is a miracle as is her whole journey to her new family. She is a beautiful soul with a very strong will and a God who loves the littlest of these calling us to do the same.


Vivian M said...

What wonderful news. I so believe in the power of prayer.

Amy said...

Praise God she is going home!!!
Don't worry about the election. McCain will do great in the debates. Sarah Palin will be a star with the world leaders this week. McCain is down in the national polls, but actually up in the battle ground states. I think he will win least I hope so! I don't think the US will elect a man with such a thin resume in such difficult times.