Monday, September 15, 2008

To Regina on Do You Remember

First Thank you for stopping by the blog. Second, Thank your husband and his fellow soldiers for serving. Third, Thank you and your family for your personal service.

I agree, I think those who make negative comments should know what the soldiers thought of them too. Probably not much. Sorry this is a public blog response to your comment but I had no other way to reach you.

It is amazing to me the number of people who truly think diplomacy would have done any good on any front in this war. The weapons were found in Iraq with some being moved into Pakistan etc. Funny when what was found with regards to the WMD the mainstream media were earily silent as they have been with anything positive coming out of Iraq.


Regina said...

You are welcome!!
My husband wrote a post on my blog about his feelings about Sept. 11th, if you are interested in reading it.
I was kind of bothered by what Vivian M. wrote in her comment and then when I visited her blog I found that she lives in Canada. She was very critical of our government for someone who doesn't even live here. (just my honest opinion)

Vivian M said...

Regina and Bev:
I am a US citizen, born in NY and I just happened to move to Canada last year. Just because I live here does not make me less American, and I still vote and pay US taxes. I have every right to be critical of our government. Have you seen the stock market lately? The foreclosure rates? The jobs lost to foreign countries? The cost of gas? My head is not in the sand.
Secondly, I have relatives serving and that have served in Iraq and one came back from his duty in the Marines with head injuries. I regret the loss of every soldier, and my prayers are with them every day as they serve our country bravely in a very unpopular war. I support our troops and their families. However, I do not support the Bush policies that put them there at extreme risk, while leaving the hunt for the Taliban terrorists that were responsible for September 11th (per Bush) up to the Canadians who are also risking their lives every day in Afghanistan. My husband served in the Canadian army (and was honorably discharged after a life altering injury), as did my brother in law.
As Beverly well knows, I can agree to disagre where politics are concerned. I wish Iraq never had to happen.