Monday, September 15, 2008

Yesterday On the Blue Slides

You will notice in the videos that she will not walk across the play structures to get from one side to the other. She crawls. She told me it is because she is afraid she will fall down. Now why she isn't afraid of falling off the blue climb-ie thing-ies I haven't a clue. It has taken her two full summers to be able to climb as well as she has this year. Way to go Goosie!

I stayed home today because I am so tired and can't seem to get the drainage in my head dry. I don't have an infection because I don't have a fever but I have lots of drainage I can feel.

I told G that I was going to stay home and she said, "Well, afturh nap cwean off all de tables." We use any flat surface as a dumping ground. So I have my directions and am down by one table so far and that is before a nap, heh. Funny how well she knows me!

I also opened some windows in my house for the first time in two years. It is cooler outside than inside today. I have always been weary that a cat will break through the screen to get outside (it happened with some other cats I had).

Yesterday while leaving the blue slides, G asked where her grandad was. My parents are staying with my niece and nephew while their mom is out of town for the week on business. So I told G that they were with M and C and she immediately replied, "And I am missin' all de fun?" Poor baby, I told her that they weren't having any fun because they still had to go to school and stuff.


Wendy said...

Have you tried a neti pot?

They are amazing for drainage and allergies and such.

Susan said...

She's so cute (and funny).

Hope you feel better soon. Meanwhile, get to that last table!

Heather said...

Rocks in my Dryer has a great post (in the last couple weeks) about Neti pots (link to blog on my sidebar.

We haven't had the dogs go through our screens, but the only one they could reach is the front door screen, that one we replaced the screen with extra heavy duty stuff that I think is even called pet screening. I leave the side door open so the dogs can run in and out to the back yard as they want though.

Hope your sinus situation gets better. I know Sudafed and Alkaseltzer are my friends during times like yours. I just hate the feel of ear draiage, it drives me NUTS!

Get better
Heather BT

Heather said...

Beverly, I posted a link on my latest post to a new unofficial CHI yahoo group because CHI closed the official one. So far, there's that one, an ethiopian one and one I started for SN kids.

Lauri said...

She is such a cutie. Love her hair

I have heard great things about neti pots and have terrible sinus issues.. i have not tried it yet

Vivian M said...

Hope you feel better soon. Glenys looks adorable on the blue playground equipment! Kerri won't go down the slides, she tells me she is afraid of heights.