Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another 7 Things Meme

My friend at Life With Kerri tagged me to do the 7 quirky things about me meme. So here goes:

1. I can't stand for someone to whisper in my ear. G is at the age of wanting to tell "secrets" and her "secrets" take too long so I can't let her tell me any!!

2. I can't stand to hear adding machines being used if the print function is on nor can I bear hearing someone type on a computer.

3. I drink roughly 60 oz of coffee a day but it is very doctored with flavored creamer and sugar.

4. Chocolate pudding makes me gag. As does sharing food.

5. The smell of popcorn makes me gag too, although I like buttered popcorn until it gets in my teeth which is why I don't eat it because it always gets in my teeth.

6. I can't stand to be hugged by anyone other than G or by the guys I date (obviously only when dating and only one at a time). I didn't grow up in a huggie touchie family and we all bristle when hugged by one another. I will say I am not as big a germ-a-phobe as my sister, though.

7. I can remember a face and odd bits of information about a person but I am terrible at remembering the names of them until I introduce them incorrectly and that embarrassment is burned into my memory.

Can you pick out all the odd sensory issue stuff I have? It is all over this list and here is a freebie: I can't stand itchy stuff. Cashmere and wool make my skin crawl and turn bright red. If it isn't soft knit to the touch then I can't wear it. I don't like things tight around my waist either (of course I do not have am beginning to not have a waist but that is another post for another day).

Now consider yourself tagged and link back to me so I can see it!! I mean we are all friends in this blogosphere so you might as well share your quirks!! I did.

I forgot to add this other quirk so an added second bonus: I never wanted to grow up. I always wanted to just be with my parents and never grow up ever!


Vivian M said...

Hey we have another thing in common! I am bad at remembering names too. I used to always do the "quickly glance for the name tag" thing at work, lol!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I bet if I lived close to you...you would HAVE to get used to hugging! I love hugs! Love to get them and give them...but this does remind me that everyone doesn't like them. I think I am invasive sometimes. (mental note)

No chocolate pudding? Why chocolate? What about vanilla? That sounded a little like Jerry Seinfield..lol