Friday, October 24, 2008

Because of the Internet

I was able to go to the John McCain rally in Colorado from my dining room table, not in Colorado. How cool is that? I love the Internet that Al Gore invented. Do you remember that he invented it?

Anyway thanks Al for allowing me to be at the McCain rally although I am sure you actually invented it for "The One" the Messiah of the democrat party.

G even watched it with me. Very up lifting. McCain said he will but the government on a budget and I know about budgets as I live on one. Budgets will keep you out of trouble financially if you stick with it!!


Wendy said...

Hey, McCain created the, you know, the two cancel each other out.

And I'm pretty sure Gore inventing the internet is an urban legend.

Ellie Monster said...

Bwaaaahaaa! I still laugh when thinking about the Gore-net. Did he put it in a "lockbox"?
(Please let it be known... I voted for him and his lockbox... in Florida.)

Vivian M said...

Bev, this is not really related to your post, but I was wondering how your speech went? I know you were putting together a presentation but don't remember when that was supposed to happen.