Tuesday, October 28, 2008

California Teachers, Make Your Voice Heard

The California Teacher's Association has given your union dues in the amount of 1.2 million dollars to defeat prop 8. You have a voice. Use it. Fight to opt out of the CTA. Go to this site: ChooseCharity.org. Read more about this here.

Also in the news on the abortion front, in Florida, steps are being taken to bring to justice abortion providers who allowed a baby survivor of an abortion attempt to die alone. Her name was Baby Shanice. Her body was found in a biohazard bag on the roof of the abortion clinic. "Abortionist Belkis Gonzales then put the baby in a biohazard bag and put her on the clinic's roof 'to conceal her body from police.' Allegedly, there was no attempt to save Shanice's life." Her body was finally was laid to rest 27 months after her murder. "Sullinger says Dr. Alan Keyes will give the eulogy at Shanice's funeral." Read the entire article here. All life is sacred and valuable. There is no such thing as a baby being a punishment. Now the baby's parents may be a punishment to the baby but not the other way 'round!

And last but not least, YEA! CA for doing something right and revoking San Francisco's status of being a city of refuge: Frisco's sanctuary policy revoked. Go here for this entire article. Strides are being made in the US to protect our freedoms from conception to natural death. Make your mark, vote on Nov. 4th for LIFE!!

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