Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conversations with G

Monday night, I didn't bring my computer home from work because we had a terrible morning so I thought G and I would just hang out. I told her that as we were getting out of the car. So while I was going through the mail in the kitchen she said with a huge dramatic sigh, "Mama, when are we gonna hanged out?"

Later, I opened some smarties (my fav candies), and she asked if we could share them so I handed her the package and went to do something. I came back and she said, "I got 6. Do you got 6? How many do you got?" I said, "Six." And she got all excited and animated and said, "Yea, yea, yea." (When she is excited she says "yea" 3 times from back in her throat, I don't know how to explain it so I will have to get a video of it.) She was excited that we were "sharing."

Even later she said, "Mama, do you know what I am thinkin' about?" I said, "Um, nope, tell me." She said, "I am thinkin' about me and my cousin, A, and me takin' a walkin' in Gwammie's forwest and not bein' able to find ahr way back."
I said, "Oh no that is awful, did me or Grandaddy come looking for you?"
She said, "Nope and I was afwaid that I wouldn't see my pawents or mama agian."
I said, "Oh that is bad.(pause) Who are your parents?"
She said, "Gwammie and Gwandaddy of cohrse."

Last night was a gorgeous moon but I am sure no one else saw it because as G explains, "We neber get to see the moon wike dis because othuhr people see it furst and take it to deyre houwse because we ahrn't fast enough."

So we called grammie to tell her something else and G told her about the moon because last night we were fast enough to only bring it to our house. Grammie said, "I will have to go out and see it." G said, "Uh un, gwammie because we hab it at ar houwse."

As we were driving home I told her my theory of the moon and why we don't see full moons alot and said, "I think God created the moon to be full only on certain nights otherwise we would have a mess in the oceans and the crops..." She interrupted very excitedly and said, "I know cwops and fahm animals and sheep and dey have cotton on dem. I know because I gwooed it on dem. Ms. C telled us not to cobuhr deyr eyes dough."


The Byrd's Nest said...

I love it that she thinks that the moon is just at her house! So sweet! Of couse you know she doesn't know what the term "parents" mean....just gwandparents!!! But Mom is the most important word!

mommy24treasures said...

sweet sweet.:)

The Princess's Mommy said...

Sweet always make me smile!


Vivian M said...

Oh how cute her comment about the moon! She really is a smart one! Love her conversations, keep them coming!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

What a sweet "wittle" post!