Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fire Safety Day

G spraying the fire hose, and sporting a new tattoo, one of three! Hey family pics are over so now we can do the body decorations!

Talking to Sparky the Fire Dog. And that remote controlled firetruck really squirted water.

Hanging out with the very cute flight paramedic. The pilot was quite handsome too. Too bad they were both like, ummm, 20something! The paramedic seemed to be quite infatuated with the G girl. He hung out for three or four pics with her, heh.

Then we saw a fire in the kitchen demonstration. Yes that blast is from a very small grease fire after less than a cup of water was poured on it or thrown on it.
This is G  after she had gone into the smoke house by herself. She learned to stay by the wall and crawl.

The fireman said in case of a fire keep a shoulder or foot or hand on the wall to find a door then touch the door for either hot or cool (hot being fire on the other side). He said when fire rescue gets to a house they also do the keep hands or feet on the wall so if you were still inside, they would step on you and squish you, nah not really, but sort of really if you think about it. Then he said to break the window if a door was unavailable (on the ground floor only) lay a blanket over the ledge and crawl out.

I was thinking that was so much information to remember I would so totally die trying to remember it all.

Then G got to get into the firetrucks for pictures. They also had the sheriff's dept out with dual purpose dogs. They are not German Shepherd dogs either but a dog that looks sort of like them 'cept different. They are smaller, don't have the hip dysplaysia so they can work from pup to death. This county has dual purpose drug and explosive finding dogs.
They did a demonstration of a dog stopping a bad guy which was pretty cool. I wasn't close enough for good pics so I didn't post any.

Then they had a book of pictures of what drugs do. Meth happens to be big 'round here as most other places. That shiite is bad stuff. The people's pics looked awful. I can't imagine why someone would take that stuff. The teeth of users were nasty, broken, rotted, black, and missing, ugh. But here is the funny ironic or maybe funny haha thing, one of the firefighters for the kitchen demonstration had teeth like the pics in the book. One of those things that make me go "Hmmmmm."

All in all we had a good day with only one mommy melt down happening in our very crowded local walmart. We headed out to get big girl panties because G seems to have grown out of hers and as we were walking out of the little girl section I told G to stay with me. I got about 4 feet in front and just had a bad sense. I turned around and she wasn't there.

As I am want to do I thought of the most horrific scenario of someone grabbing and running away with her. So I head back those 4 feet and she peeks out at me from behind a display. I grabbed her arm and swatted her beee-hind right there. Oh yes I did!!

That was a scary feeling to have lost her in a crowded walmart. Then I stuck her in the basket which made her cry. I was so mad at her and relieved all at once! She is usually pretty good to stay with me or at least close behind, and it isn't that she hasn't hidden from me before but usually I have a sense of where she is. I mean she wasn't where I could see her at all and that freaked me out.

Anyway after a long nap that was well deserved we headed to the blue slides and then home. G has discovered the go-gurt snacks and has had 4 of them already. I think we are headed for a growth spurt because she has eaten quite a bit for the last week or so.


Heather said...

I know that sinking- where is he? feeling. Acer was pushing the car one moment and the next he was one aisle away and two aisles over just cruising happily along, while I had visions of preeverts running through my head. It's cart all the time for him now, until he can understand a little better. Thankfully I have a full pound left before he's too big for most carts. officially.
Heather BT

Vivian M said...

What a wonderful idea for children to learn about fire safety and other important things!
How scary when you "lost" her momentarily, that is one of my big fears too.
As for the 20 somethings, girl, it's ok in today's age to date younger men, he he!!!

Ellie Monster said...

I think the fireman maybe had a thing for G's mama! And he was a cutie!!