Wednesday, October 08, 2008

For The Last Two Nights...

I have been in the bed by 8:30pm. Yes, yes! Go ahead and whoop it up for me especially before I tell you the rest as it won't sound so good then. Monday when I picked up G, her bedding was all packed back up which can only mean one thing. Yep, LICE, ACK!!!

So I saw it and my first words were "Awww poop." To which G pipes up and says, "What's poop, mama? What's poop?" Anyway, I called my parents and begged them to take G for the next two nights keeping her out of school until the fear had passed. It was three kids this time. So for the last two nights G has spent the night with Grammie and Grandad. Monday night I took two excedrin PM so that I would not feel a think and sleep. Last night I relied on my own natural ability to fall asleep anywhere/anytime and have discovered that I am old. Apparently I can no longer have coffee after 12pm and still fall asleep in the evening. I blogged in my head all night long really good posts too but for the life of me I can't remember not a one.

Now I will tell you about my dream which apparently came around 6am but felt like I was in it all night. First you must know two things about my dreams, 1) I dream in color and 2) for the most part I can remember them very well for a very long time. In my dream, G and I were driving down the road that ended at the top of a very large sign that dropped us literally in the middle of a Christmas holiday bash before halloween. While G was off in the children's section of much sugar and icing and bright lights I was at a demonstration of like a tupperware or something along that line which wasn't finished so I never saw it, actually.

The girl doing the presentation was new and had as attendees gifts her own silverware (not matching) with faces drawn on them for us to guess the gender of the spoon, knife etc and give it an appropriate name. (I tried to reach back in my high school French to remember what gender is assigned but in the middle of the dream I couldn't get it.) But in my dream I did win a spoon and knife.

Then to the right of me in the dream were three women who apparently thought they were way to good and one made a comment, "I guess big boobed women only have to bring candy" referring to the demonstration person. Yes in my dream it was a slam but most dreams written sound stupid or non-sensical. Now it gets weird, heh, I confronted the women and smacked down on them verbally of course (even in my dreams I can't hurt anything larger than 1/2 inch), calling them out for their own stupidity and elitism. I was mad that they would make fun of someone who was trying to work as they sipped pumpkin drinks making fun. Then the alarm went off and Clementine stepped on me bringing me back to reality.

And whereas yesterday the drive took me an hour due to a wreck in a particular stretch of the interstate, today was smooth sailing and I arrived in 32 minutes. I timed it.

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AZMom said...

LOL I love your dream. I dream in color too and usually remember them. I'll have to post about it sometime