Thursday, October 23, 2008

G Will Fight Back, Oh Yes She Will

G bit a child today. According to one teacher who didn't actually see it, the child was grabbing at G's stuff, and G bit her when she reached one too many times. So of course G got time out. Now G told me the girl was trying to "fighted" her. I told G to go tell the teacher when that happens rather than bite. Then G said with a quivering lip, "But I will get a tale on my bottom and will look funny." She told me twice before I realized that she was telling me the teacher will make her wear a tale for being a tattle tale.

So now you tell me? If G tells the teacher that a kid won't leave her alone when the teacher doesn't see it then she is made fun of for being a tattle tale. If she takes matters into her own hands like she did, she gets in trouble (as she should have). The incident happened at lunch and G couldn't get up and move away or she would have gotten in trouble for getting up without permission. Sounds like the teacher, in order to keep a bunch of kids from telling on each other, has created a lose-lose situation.

I told G that she may not ever bite a child and suggested that I would talk to the director (I never see this teacher as she works from 8am to 1:30). G fell apart at that suggestion. She has to learn not to fight or fight back but she also can't just sit there and take some kid trying to "fighted" her. What will she do in kindergarten next year? There is zero tolerance in the schools. HooBoy this parenting thing is tough, heh!

Oh and I sent a t-shirt that is white on the front but has writing on the back. I sent it today but G forgot that I sent it when the teacher asked about it. Tomorrow they are supposed to paint on it but she told me too late tonight to get another one. Oh well. She can paint on that one and be done with it. They are having a costume parade but they get to dress up in their costumes so I don't know. I will be sure to get pics though when it is done.


fricke92 said...

Definitely talk with the director or lead teacher. At all the schools my kids have attended, they've always been told to tell an adult if another child is doing something to them. Kids at that age are not equipped to deal with it on their own.

Vivian M said...

That is not acceptable- that teacher is embarrassing the kids by making them wear a tail, not helping them build self-esteem!
And what is she really teaching them? That it is not OK to tell the teacher something for fear that they will have to wear a tail?! Good for G-girl for fighting back. And although it is not ok to bite, she was right to defend herself.

juls said...

I think you should let the director know that the teacher is degrading the kids with the tail. In public school the teacher would he written up and sometimes asked to leave the class for a few days.
As far as the tattleing, I am a teacher and I listen to hitting and biting but not "he called me a name" I have taought the kids to say "Quite being a bully and be my friend." For G that will not work and a talk with the director will.

Ellie Monster said...

That is the worst thing I've ever heard! Talk about mortifying a child.
Children should never be intimidated to approach the supervising adult. I do think that kids need to learn conflict resolution, but they should never fear the person who is supposed to maintain safety and order in the classroom.
Oooooh, when I pictured G's face telling you she was afraid to tell the teacher because she didn't want to wear the tail, I was steaming mad.