Wednesday, October 01, 2008

G Conversations

G is learning to say things correctly. She is losing some of her baby talk. It makes me sad and glad all at once. She is beginning to identify the letters that begin words and asks me "Mama, what does 'guh' start with" as she makes the sound. Thankfully I can translate her thoughts and what she wants to usually know is what letter that was and what words it starts. Or she will say, "Mama, G starts with 'guh'" for example.

The other night we were watching Blue's Clues and G looked at me and said, "Mama, say 'Blues bwoos.'" So I said, "Blue's Clues." with an emphasis on the CL.

She thought about it, tried it out silently, then looked at me and said, "Why do I say Blue's buh, bwoos, buh," (she had already forgotten how she used to say it).

So I interrupted and said, "'blue's bwoos?' Because you were still learning how to speak and make the correct sounds. That is just how you grow."

She thought a minute more and said, "Does Gwammie know how to say Blue's Clues?"

The other morning while eating breakfast, she being the morning grumpy bottom she normally is, was reaching for her blanket to rub while she sipped her vanilla milk and said whining, "Wheh-ah's my neeeeeee-dle."

When I was telling my mom she said, "Well, did you know what she was talking about?" I said, "Yep, it is the black thread that is stitched up the side of her blankie." G has specific areas on her blankie and the thread is one of them, heh.

G is still on her meds for the bronchitis. She gets a bit grumpy at night but otherwise no fever. I still have her on meds at night to dry her up, drainage-wise, maybe we will get this thing kicked yet.


Vivian M said...

Get well soon Glenys!
Kerri is starting speech therapy because she cannot pronounce certain letters/sounds and then substitutes them too, like Glenys. Has she been tested?

Donna said...

There is nothing cuter than baby talk, at least until they get a bit older. Neither of my girls ever used much baby talk, Emma because she was a very verbal baby who enunciated freakishly well and Cara because she came here at age 3and had pretty good pronunciation skills. One thing that Emma still says sometimes that I love is Tynenol for Tylenol. I hope Glenys feels better soon.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I hope Glenys feels better soon! Bronchitis is never fun. And I love toddler-isms. My favorite of the Tongginator's was that she'd say strawbabies instead of strawberries.

mommy24treasures said...

I Hope Glenys continues to feel better, bronchitis is the pits...
I love baby talk...