Wednesday, October 08, 2008

G Conversations

As I stated previously, G is spending a couple of nights and days with my parents due to a lice outbreak at daycare (ummm number 4 or 5 this summer). Yesterday they took her to see a great aunt of mine who had had surgery recently but she is home and recouping well.

While they were out, they took G shoe shopping. I may have mentioned that this summer (as early as Easter) G has been wearing mostly one pair of flip flops, her matchin' shoes (match a pair of mine). Since the weather hasn't really changed that much during the day she is still wearing them. I planned on getting her tennis shoes when it got colder but really the flip flops, though ruggedly dirty, have been fine.

So I go there to dinner last night just to see my girl and she shows me the shoes and socks they bought her. She puts them on for me and says, "Mama, do you think they are jus adohrble? I think they are jus adohrble."

She wears them through dinner but later looks at me and says, "Mama, my feet are hot." Of course my dear take those shoes off. I can't imagine how she is going to get used to tennis shoes surrounding her feet after flip flops for 6 months.

On another note, G's language is coming right along. Thankfully she still says somethings not quite right that are still cute but she no longer uses "f" for "p." Sunday night she cleaned her dinner plate and I said, "Oh look you made a happy flate." (Yes I encouraged wrong words and said it like she would have said it.) 

She said with determination, "You mean Plate." Oh yes my dear that is what I meant. Last year I remember my mother "practicing" with G on the "p" sound. She would face G and say, "G say 'pillow, p p pillow." And G would say, "Fillow, p p Fillow." I smile at the memory.

Then about the night time pullup. I told my mom that she went pullup free Sunday and that she would probably not wear one Monday. After she got in the car Monday she said, "I am going to wear a pull up tonight." 

I said, "Oh G, I have bragged to Grammie about you being such a big girl and not wearing a pullup anymore." 

She said, a bit deflated, "Oh all wite, I'll do it again tonight." 

I said, "How about this? How about we save your pullups for a time when you are really really sick and can't move for you to tee tee and poop in?" 

She said extremely surprised, "I CAN POOP IN MY PULLUP?" Ummm, nope, heh, not exactly what I meant. Then she said, "Mom when I was a baby did you put a diapur on me?"

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AZMom said...

Lice? ICK! I'm glad your parents can watch her. It is always so sad when they lose some of that baby talk. Bug used to say lup gup for ladybug and I was sad the day she actually said ladybug LOL