Wednesday, October 22, 2008

G Just Came Home

I asked her what she had for dinner and she listed some things then said, "And jelly beans for gessert." Oh yes, "gessert" hee hee.

On Wednesdays she typically (more often than not) is picked up from daycare by my parents who then eat dinner with her at their church, then she goes to choir and Mission Friends. I come home and get on the computer. It is a nice break and does allow me to stay late at work since I have been getting there late for the last 2 weeks, Gah!

G just told me her grammie fell out of her chair at church. I said, "Did she fall on her bottom on the floor?" She said, "No she fell and her head was layin' on the floor. And, Mama, gwammie laughed but me and gwandaddy didn't." I called mom to see if she was hurt (no) or just mortified (yes) and she said she was picking up the spaghetti G dropped in the floor. G assures me that it was accidental droppings.

Tonight I get this message from G's teacher, Ms. C, "Please bring a white t-shirt that we can paint on." Does that sound strange to you? Because I have no idea when this t-shirt is needed and don't remember getting a head's up note about it earlier. G just said it is due for painting day but I haven't any idea when painting day is and neither does she. And who has spare white t-shirts around? We don't have plain undecorated white t-shirts lying around. Ugh!

Oh well, I better go dig around and see what I can come up with.


fricke92 said...

Sounds like you have a craft project coming home soon! Every now and then I'll pick up a pack of boys white t's to have on hand for those requests.

Donna said...

At my daughters' preschool, they made their own class costumes for the Halloween parade; maybe Glenys needs it for something like that. The costumes often involved t-shirts that were then painted; the kids looked cute dressed alike. Cara was a bee one year and a clown the next.

Briana's Mom said...

I am glad your mom is ok - except for the mortified part. ;)

I don't have any spare t-shirts lying around either.

Ellie Monster said...

I agree with fricke92 - My mom always had a stash of hanes white ts hanging around for just such an occasion. One never knows when one needs a plain white t.
Hope your mom's ok.

Lauri said...

Walmart has granimals white t's for around $3.

We don't have any plain white t shirts either... just bought one at walmart

glad you Mom is ok

laurel said...

I like jelly beans too! She has good taste. Sounds like they have a good time painting. She sure is a cutie. Glad your mom is okay.

Anonymous said...

Poor grandma! can always count on children to quickly tell and retell all about your most mortifying events!

I wonder what they are going to paint on the T-shirts?!

Vivian M said...

Glad your Mom is OK! You would think the school would give more notice, eh?